Safeway Classic – Round One

My Player is Moira Dunn

Three over today. My bad on our final hole. Too much stick. Bogey.

In the snooze you loose department, a player told her looper they should meet on the putting green an hour and fifteen prior to tee time. When she arrived, he was nowhere in sight. She retrieved her clubs, practiced putting then took them to the range. By chance, she asked someone to check the caddie tent and there he was. Didn’t hear his explanation but it didn’t seem to make much of an impression. He was axed and a replacement was found.

Free golf lessons were offered to any and everyone today. They used the far let side of the range which put the caddie tent in striking distance. It was about 20 yards out and just a little more left. Heard a few balls found their way in but no injuries to report.

It was chicken for lunch in the caddie tent courtesy of Popeye’s. Red beans and rice, fries and biscuits rounded off the menu. Plenty remained for dinner when we finished too.

Then there was this:

LPGA names Golf Channel anchor Kraig Kann as Chief Communications Officer

Canzano: LPGA’s Dina Ammaccapane humanized after 2010 caddie incident

Tseng to play in ‘Swinging Skirts’ charity invitational


8 Responses to Safeway Classic – Round One

  1. peter seffano says:

    get you facts right in the ‘snooze you lose’ department. try keeping your nose out of other peoples business! you pathetic excuse of a caddy!!!!

    • lifeontour says:

      Thanks for your kind words and support Peter. It’s people like you that make writing my blog worth while. Please submit your address as I would like to send you a little something appropriate for Christmas. I think a fruitcake will do.

      I see a more factional version of the story has been submitted which is what you should have done.

      • peter seffano says:

        No larry, i was merely stating that it is none of your business what goes on with other peoples livelihood! it is none of my business either so i will not be commenting on the situation. happy you made the cut, congratulations.

    • Question man says:

      I must agree that this is not a news site and the story I heard was basically that the caddy did what he was told.
      To add a bit of appathetic opinion.
      To me the player involved has seemed to be a very high maintenence woman of late and the caddy involved tries his best and is a straight up good guy, just wants to work. (BTW-Not going to check my facts-dont really care). Shit happens.
      2nd part-Holy sh*t peter-(named after a wrinkled male body part). Nice comment! You want Larry to mind his own business, yet many people enjoy reading the Garbage pulled out here by people, good or bad-(Like in any business). *Hence the hole Blog thingeee. I also understand this is for fun and not OFFICIAL! but some people havent grasped this. Finally if I may ask, how are your comments keeping your nose out of other peoples business?
      PS. You may want to change your last name to Stone caster Long live Hypocracy!

  2. Miso says:

    Wow Larry, once again you haven’t done your proper research that is required! about You snooze you Looze. The Caddie was texted by the Player in the morning of the 1st day of play, to show up @ 11:30 @ the caddie tent so she could take a couple of clubs out of the bag before the round. Hence 17 clubs in the bag. He showed up @ 11:00 am. Early as he always is. A 1/2 hour earlier than told. She said she would text him when she got close. She met him @ the caddie tent @ 11:30 and grabbed the 3 clubs from the caddie and left the bag with the caddie. Took the 3 clubs and took them to her locker. The caddie told her he would wait for her return at the caddie tent and she said I will be back!! The caddie was watching all the vans and carts coming back to the drop off area. Some how the player and caddie missed each other. No text messages from the player saying she is @ the putting green! Most Players would text or call the caddie!!! The Player then waited long enough and went back to the caddie tent and the caddie saw her and then walk up to the range. She was pissed!!! And said I’ am Livid and I can’t work with you now. So she got another caddie. That was available because her player had withdrawn from the tournament, who was looking for a job!!!!!

    • lifeontour says:

      Research? This ain’t CNN. That’s why no names are mentioned. Two versions and only one is even close. One from the player and the other from the caddie. I pick the caddie.

    • MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

      Not knowing either the caddie or player, please allow my 2 cents in this situation

      Having recently visited the tournament course and having experience as a PTC (professional tour caddie) I would say that under the circumstances the caddie tent is the VERY LAST place a GOOD cadero would wait for his/her player. The caddie tent at P.R. is well out of the way of the “flow” The player would have to walk out of her way to get there and then walk BACK to either the putting greens or the range. It is the CADDIE’S job to make themselves available, and thus give the player one less thing to have on her mind. Sounds to this retired P.T.C. that the vibe between the two was not good and this was the last straw.

      In my day, we did not have text messaging, but I would not trust that method of communication in this instance. A good and faithful caddie would have been positioned at the putting green and would have told his/her player the same. An average and confused one… would position him/herself at the caddie tent eating and drinking and BSing with his fellow cadero’s and then get his/her ass fired.

      If my knees hadn’t given out, I might still be out there showing you kids how it is supposed to be done. My trip to PDX on Thursday kind of had me Jonesing!

  3. Hmmm lets see, the caddie is in the caddie tent and the player is on the range er putting oh my.what did we do before texting..hard to believe that a normal person er caddie( we are not normal) would just sit there when her tee time was approaching and not at least walk 100 yds to the range to see where she might be…like the movie cool hand luke..” what we have here is a failure to communicate”

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