CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round One

My Player is Moira Dunn

Two over. Need to go low tomorrow.

We played ball-in-hand and a couple long holes were shortened. That’s why the leaderboard is peppered with red numbers.

The worm casts will be played as an embedded ball if you come to rest in one and stones in bunkers are movable. Why not throw in one free foot wedge? Just kidding.

No boomers as predicted. A little drizzle in the morning and a one-hole shower in the afternoon.

Thumbs downThe road in front of the course has been restricted all week but caddies were let passed the roadblock. Not today though. They were sent one exit north where the signage isn’t very clear.

Giulia Sergas was warming up next to us on the range and one of the volunteers decided to give her caddie tips on playing the course. She was kind of befuddled and let the guy go on and on. Giulia finally stepped in to end it.

Then there was this:

Lori Atsedes Wins LPGA T&CP National Championship

Bright future for Canadian women’s golf


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