CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round Four

My Player is Moira Dunn

A four over finish. Made a few bucks but …

We played it up again in anticipation of Irene but couldn’t do anything about the wind. It was tricky.

Congrats to Brittany and A. J. Since A. J. is a Canuck, does this count as a partial Canadian win?

An omelet station for breakfast and surf-n-turf for lunch in the Caddy Shack. What a great sendoff.

The cold I can’t shake lowered my voice into the legendary Barry White range. Sounded something like this. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby

Stopped at the pharmacy for some meds Saturday afternoon. Picked up the house brand which offered half for daytime use (non-drowsy) and the other for nighty-night. Took two before hitting the sack and didn’t sleep a wink! No, I did not get them mixed-up. They’re color coded.

I’m lovin’ it! A new iPad is a big hit with one looper. I’m sure he’ll be toting it to the Solheim Cup.

Drove back to the I.C.E. Palace in Columbus after we finished. Arrived about 2 AM. Surprisingly, I did not come close to dosing off.

Mowed the lawn this morning. Looked like the primary rough cut at the Open. Will be picking-up the master of the house this evening. He was re-routed through Detroit because of Irene.

Then there was this:

Jacobsen revives popular Portland golf event

Sorenstam’s comments about Wie are off-base

Temecula’s Michaels wins Futures Tour event


5 Responses to CN Canadian Women’s Open – Round Four

  1. lpga fan says:

    responding to the article about sorenstam criticizing Wie for attending college and not focusing on golf. My facts may not be totally accurate but here goes. Wie being the smart student was probably a 2nd yr college student based on her high school credits so she has spent 4 yrs finishing 2 plus yrs of college..hardly a full time student. Give her credit for graduating but she has by no means taken the tour by storm, maybe she has the best PR team in recent golf history. Her finishes on the lpga money list are based on the fact that she can cherry pick the big events and purses and she gets in all the limited field events thus making her top 10 finishes misleading somewhat. She has won a single full field event since she was 13 yrs old…wow. Hopefully when she becomes a fulltime player, she will help the lpga get out of the hole it has dug for the past 5 yrs.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Perhaps Sorenstam was looking at Wie from the prospective of a professional athlete and all the time it takes to reach the top. Wie may be squandering a natural ability at golf that has taken others ( Sorenstam, Webb, Inkster, et al) years of practice and dedication to achieve. Sorenstam is correct in that Wie doesn’ t have the mental focus to complete 4 solid rounds. That’s my observation. I also think that a better representative for the LPGA is in Creamer or Lincicome than Wie. Wie is to robotic. To manufactured. She’s like ‘unhuman”.

  2. Ozz says:

    I’m not a humanoid…..MW

  3. arat125 says:

    timing of the quote, do I hear “gamesmanship”? Just saying….

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