A Day At The Ice Palace

The “ICE Man” is the newest legal motorcycle menace rider on the streets of Ohio. They only deducted one point from his score, after completing the required maneuvers, so he passed the test with room to spare but I have to take a little of the credit. Had to go down to the testing facility and jump-start his new scooter! How embarrassing. Took it back to the dealer right after. A new battery was the fix.

Watched the replay of last week’s event on the Golf Channel. What a mess!

We christened Chad’s new deck with it’s first barbeque. Even dropped a piece of burger and added a grease stain. The city inspector came by earlier and noticed the railings were too low and it didn’t pass. It’s pure luck we didn’t fall over the side. That’ll be fixed on Friday before we leave for Arkansas.

Congrats to Rachel Hetherington and her hubby on the birth of their baby girl Annie Joan.

Then there was this:

Strongest Field in Event History at Walmart NW Arkansas Championship

LPGA players join in Cristie Kerr’s cause

Caddy for a day


3 Responses to A Day At The Ice Palace

  1. Mark says:

    I hope Chad is an Organ donor……

  2. Tom says:


    Will you be at the Walmart event next week?

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