On To Bentonville

Drove the 750+ miles to Bentonville in one shot. Not much traffic but plenty of construction and policia. Saw a few drivers get nabbed but I stayed around the speed limit.

When I checked-in to my motel, I asked if there was anything new or interesting in town just to start a conversation. Bad move. Was told about a young girl who just died in an auto accident. Ya think that’s what I wanted to hear? No mind. Got a great room for cheap and right next to an ice cream parlor.

Then there was this:

PGA signs 9-year extension with TV networks

O’Toole’s stock on meteoric rise

Once-scorned long putter becomes choice of champs

Bigger cups, 12-hole rounds part of effort to give golf a boost

Alena Sharp Wins the PGA Women’s Championship of Canada

LPGA Titleholders tourney on track to be held at TwinEagles in North Naples in

The Key to Putting: Not Thinking

Goetze-Acherman, Crawford named for golf hall of fame

LPGA exploring Olympic-style event | Golf Channel

4 Responses to On To Bentonville

  1. Mike says:

    Re: The Key to Putting: Not Thinking

    Can’t be that simple as I would NEVER miss a putt!!!

  2. Top notch looper says:

    Thats my key to LIFE! and so far I am still alive……so far

  3. Beau-Tech says:

    Next to a ice cream parlor….

    That will do wonders for your waistline.

    Good luck!

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