Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Round Two

My Player is Moira Dunn

Bad day in Bentonville. I’ll be heading for Bama in the morning.

They had mulligatawny soup for lunch and I had to have a cup. That’s the one made famous by “The Soup Nazi” episode on Seinfeld. Found it unimpressive but scratch one item off my bucket list. The chocolate fountain was still in place and I indulged. Looked better than it was but really, is there any bad chocolate?

If it ain’t broke you don’t fix it. Right? After finishing second in Canada, David Leadbetter was in town working with Michelle Wie. Oh yeah, that worked.

Speaking of Ms. Wie and her parents, heard there was an altercation with them and other participants in the group after the round and it got ugly. It was considered a non-issue from the higher-ups I was told. Just another day at the office the way I see it. That is all.

Then there was this:

Ochoa 6 months pregnant _ not thinking about golf


10 Responses to Walmart NW Arkansas Championship – Round Two

  1. Tom says:


    What was the altercation about in the Lewis/Gal/Wie group?
    Slow play? Parents actions?

  2. Cougar says:

    It involved one of the parents.

  3. Ozz says:

    Surprise, Surprise… now which one was it… I’ll take a guess from past knowledge – Mr Wie

  4. Matt M says:

    Larry, details please!!

    So, if it wasn’t the father, it must have been Bo Wie, right?

    Who did she (Bo) harass? How? And why? Did some “lesser golfer” not show enough respect for The Savior of the LPGA?

  5. JT says:

    Why is everyone so cryptic about what happened and who did what. Just state the names instead of beating around the bush. I’m talking to you, Cougar.

    • Cougar says:

      Only answered the questions posted. Without first hand knowledge, I didn’t want to give misinformation here. I only got part of the story from one of the caddies in the pairing.

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