Navistar LPGA Championship – Monday

My Player is Moira Dunn

Worked for Jordan Hardy in the qualifier. Shot four over and didn’t make it. Found out that the book Atlas Shrugged and movie The Last Samurai were favorites to us both. Gave us goose bumps.

Looks like it’s going to be a Gold Bond type of week. Hot and sticky. A little dab of Vaseline wouldn’t’ hurt either. Did I mention it was hot? I think I sucked-up a gallon of G2 after getting back to the room

There are two port-o-lets next to the caddie tent on the range. Behind door number one it was what you would expect. Being Monday, it was pretty clean but door number two was a different story. The floor was smeared with, well, number two. Disgusting!

Speaking of excrement, one of the caddies had an “accident” while working the qualifier. I’m not making fun. I feel for the guy. When we visit Mexico, this is a common occurrence. The ‘squirts’ leave their share of skid marks. You never know when it may happen and when it does, there’s no place to hide.

Drove the 650 miles to Montgomery yesterday and checked-in to the “newly remolded” Days Inn. My room is fine but this place has a ways to go for the right to display that description. It’s a work in progress I guess. My route took me thorough Little Rock, Memphis and Tupelo and no, it was not two below in Tupelo.

If you haven’t seen this yet, here’s a view of the multi-faceted Tiffany Joh. It’s a tribute to the big hitters on tour.


5 Responses to Navistar LPGA Championship – Monday

  1. Ozz says:

    Nice to see that there are players on tour that have a sense of humour, and also having other talents outside golf. I think it would be a lot of fun to loop for Tiffany.

  2. maddogg says:

    “newly remolded” Days Inn?


    Wrong model of mold, perchance. 🙂

    Good luck this week.

    (OK to bust after typo correction)


  3. Awsi Dooger says:

    That’s brutal, ending the Monday qualifier so late that a 3-way playoff was required at 7:30 AM today for the final spot.

    I noticed the numbers have really declined in those open qualifiers. It was 19 the past two weeks after being in the 40s and 50s several times earlier in the season.

    Lexi was bailed out again by sponsors exemption for Navistar. She didn’t qualify on Monday in any of her attempts, including a 7-over 78 last week.

  4. Tommy G says:

    Hard to believe this is the Last tourney!
    Are you going to Tex’s next week. Sept and Oct are the best times of the year to play here on the Redneck Riveria..
    Good Luck this…Someone has to win may as well be You


  5. DaVinner says:

    Tiff is GREAT!

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