Navistar LPGA Classic – Tuesday

My Player is Moira Dunn

Played eleven holes with Boo. Will finish the rest tomorrow prior to the pro-am.

As I stated last week, the application for the China visa was FUBAR but as it turns out, it was all for naught. That’s because the whole event is FUBAR. It was cancelled! The players will hear the details in a meeting tonight.

It’s like I just can’t get away from Michelle Wie stories. I watched her enter the clubhouse and refusing to show the doormen her ID. She just said “I’m a player.” and just kept walking. Never even looked them in the eye. You should have seen the expression on their faces.

Recently, we’ve noticed that reachable par fives have been lengthened. Found out it it’s to speed up the pace of play. No more waiting for groups to clear the green.

Speaking of greens, the ones here are superb. They switched over to Champion Bermuda and they’re like carpets.

More qualifier info: Played with seventeen year old amateur Janie Jackson in the qualifier. She absolutely bombed it! Was hitting wedges all day. Shot two under, finishing first, but should have been more. Suggested the belly putter to her caddie/dad when we finished. Hey, he asked.

We made the turn yesterday in 2:23 which I thought wasn’t bad but with six holes to go, we were three behind! To be fair, DIna Ammaccapane was in the group in front of us. She plays so fast, it might as well have been a twosome.

Jordan had a longhorn (her home course mascot) driver cover which I dropped all day along with a few others. I guess the motion of the carry bag just kept popping them off. She is from Sylacauga AL and was surprised I knew how to pronounce it. It just so happens that my second bag ever was from Sylacauga. Kathy Postlewait.

Then thee was this:

Phil: “Modern architecture is killing golf”

Ekey lands Futures award


7 Responses to Navistar LPGA Classic – Tuesday

  1. Awsi Dooger says:

    I’ve noted the lengthened par 5s. More than anyone else, I think it impacts the long hitters who are otherwise marginal players, particularly with the wedges. Fewer cheap birdies for them, and some catastrophes when they try to force the second shot. The class big hitters like Tseng and Lincicome won’t be bothered.

  2. just so you know, number 8 was moved up 25 yards from last year..there goes your theory Sir

    • lifeontour says:

      Not a theory whoever you are. 🙂 A player was told that from an official. They moved ’em back in Portland and last week. Five is way back this week. Eight used to be even farther up. They have to throw them a bone sometime.

  3. Dickie says:

    Just read the current Golf Digest. There is a column written by a caddie. He goes by the acronym HC. Would that be you?

  4. Johnny B says:

    Great golf course in Sylacauga AL, called FarmLinks! Small town area for having two players come out of it.

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