Navistar Classic – Round One

My Player is Moira Dunn

Birdied the first hole and that was it. Shot one over.

Someone called a local sports radio show this morning from the course. Said they saw Michelle Wie miss a one foot putt and utter something. He was asked what it was but the guy couldn’t say but he did add that “It was probably in Korean”. The hosts then reminded him where she was born.

Heard we have a bed-wetter in our caddie ranks but it’s not what you think. The legend continues.

Thumbs upLooks like any expenses from players and caddies incurred over the China fiasco will be reimbursed.

Then there was this:

Canadian Women’s Open organizers fired up to host world’s best in 2012


8 Responses to Navistar Classic – Round One

  1. Tommy G says:

    Cut Maker!!!!
    Larry I was wondering who Donna is working for…and if you see her please tell her I said Hi

    Good Luck


  2. WhatsHisName says:

    If I was to ask you your opinion on a certain caddy, would you give it?

  3. Phil Connolly says:

    Do the Korean get along with the American players? I know this is a very general question.

    Keep up the good work. You have a good blog. Very insightful and well written. Your concise, yet to the point.

  4. Book'em Danno says:

    Canadian Open is back to Vancouver next year. When Sally Little won there in 1988, (DuMaurier, then a major), was that the time that Andy Martinez came out to caddie for her? My brain cells also slipping awaaaaay.

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