Navistar Classic – Round Two

My Player is Moira Dunn

Yeah! Made the final cut of the season. Shot –1. Did I say final cut? How sad.

Admittance is free this week. A donation to the Wounded Warrior Project is all that is asked. Kudos to Navistar. Also, each birdie on the par three sixteenth add to the donations. An American flag graces that pin and a soldier tends to it while we putt.

This is the last hurrah for Louise Friberg. She is retiring from tour golf and will be teaching the game instead. A party in her honor was held earlier in the week at The Mellow Mushroom. Of course, all your typical gag gifts wee presented. I’m sure there were a pair of Depends in there somewhere.

Then there was this

Hospital Will Need More Funding After LPGA Corning Classic Payouts End

Huntsville senior Janie Jackson hopes for better score in second round  – She was –5 today.

The latest from Tiffany Joh Productions:


One Response to Navistar Classic – Round Two

  1. Ozz says:

    How sad that in the middle of September the regular LPGA season ends.

    I don’t think Louise will be by herself with the teaching side of the game. Players who won’t be in the extra tournaments will need somewhere to earn money.

    It just shows how important golf tournaments (not just LPGA) are to local charities and the infrastructure of that town and surrounding areas. Are you listening Commish.

    Seems Tiffany has too much time on her hands to be able to produce such professional productions. I guess more prodsuctive then marking your golf ball in fancy designs.

    Good luck to All that has made the final season cut.

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