Navistar Classic Round – Four

My Player is Moira Dunn

Finished the year with a one under par round.

I’ve seen more people in a bar during happy hour than out here today. Even free admission didn’t draw a crowd. Lexi could have given everyone an autograph and still been home for dinner.

There was a guy taking our picture with an iPad on the 13th tee. Looked weird.

I’m heading to Venice FL for 2nd stage Q-school. Overnighting just past Tallahassee.

O’Toole isn’t the only American Solheimer struggling if you haven’t noticed. Someone saw Christina Kim working with four different putters the other day. The pressure is on.

Then there was this:

Asians left out during Solheim Cup week

The Golf Blog: No defenders of Ryann O’Toole’s selection to Solheim Cup?

Vinny Giles thinks USGA should outlaw belly putters


8 Responses to Navistar Classic Round – Four

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Reagrding O’toole’s pick to the Ryder Cup Team. Perhaps Jones likes the way see looks in those short skirts?

    • XXL Putter says:

      Perhaps Capt’n RoJo need give young O’Toole a really good “tongue lashing”. Then maybe both can feel better about the pick. Besides, how can you not pick a player with a name like O’Toole to take to Ireland?

  2. Jim Sims says:

    Congrats on taking your player through whole tourney!

  3. Tommy G says:

    I understand that the Players had the “End of the Year meeting” last week.
    Anything re the 2012 schedule that you can share..


  4. Larry, hilarious article by the bangkok writer about the poor asians being left out of the solheim cup!! wow….heaven forbid that they have a week off..too funny…he goes on about opening up the competition to the asians..i’m sorry, wasn’t that called the Lexus Cup? and that event folded..short memory by people that write and have no knowledge of golf.

  5. mike lawlor says:

    New address for me.
    Glad to see you back on the course for much of the season.
    I doubt that many caddies make enough to survive the time between seasons. Good luck to all of you until next season.

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