Tampa Temporization

Spending a few days at Moira’s in Tampa before heading to Venice. Immediately upon arrival, I was given a task only a man can handle. A snake had taken up residence on the threshold between the dining area and patio and it was my task to persuade it to move on or to fight it to the death . After donning my fang-proof leggings, extra thick gloves and improvised snake stick, I battled it for over an hour. In the end, the dominance of man over beast was proven once again. It hightailed out the door and found cover among the bushes. Actually, I used one of those alignment sticks to nudge it out the door in just a few seconds but I had you goin’ didn’t I?

Had dinner with Moira, Kris Tamulis, Sarah Kemp and Danielle Downey at the Lucky Dill Deli in Palm Harbor last night. Good food and interesting conversation. Sarah had us rolling with a tale of her latest escapade but that’s all I’m going to say. It’s in the vault.

Found a rental house on the course for 2nd stage Q-school. One bed open if anyone is interested. No loons, derelicts or degenerates need apply. Is anyone left? Starts Friday.

Had a little brake work done right down the street at Just Brakes. The rear wheel cylinders had to be replaced but were under warranty. Had them done back in ‘08. $75 out the door which was nice. I still wasn’t done with my car though. Replaced the air and cabin filter myself. The later was especially filthy. Do you even know if your car has one?

Stopped at the University Mall to use my 40% off coupon at Old Navy. Passed a kiosk hawking bling worthy of Mr. T. One guy was buying a gold chain with a saucer-sized medallion attached. No way that could be the genuine article. It looked good on him though.

Heard they’re filming a Bollywood production in Dublin. One caddie had a brush with greatness when the lead actress came into the Temple Bar for nachos and a pint and was a mere fifteen feet away.

Then there was this:

Sorenstam: Europe needs win vs US in Solheim Cup

USA retain Junior Solheim Cup

Outgunned Europe bank on Solheim Cup home

Solheim Cup Tees Off Amid Irish Golf Crisis

Valley resident surprised her LPGA mark lasted

Blackwelder’s ‘Big Break’ debuts tonight on Golf Channel

Woods To Face Japanese Women For Charity

Thompson WDs from Q-School, agent says

Not so fast: LPGA shouldn’t bend the rules to let Lexi join their tour

Wendy’s remakes its 42-year-old hamburger – Just don’t touch the chili.

Man killed in port-a-potty explosion


17 Responses to Tampa Temporization

  1. Tommy G says:

    Let Lexi Play!!!!!
    Its a no brainer,,,Especially for a Tour that is (actually was until Lexi came along) going downhill…
    Good luck at Q school Larry..


  2. Ozz says:

    Larry, well done with the snake. Any idea what type of snake it was?

    I would have to disagree with Tommy on Lexi. You bend the rule for one, where do you stop bending the rule for others in the future and what criteria do you use to allow to bend the rules.

    The LPGA will be there in 2 years time and Lexi will be 18 yrs old, and if golf is still what she wants to do, all good. Allow her in the meantime to play a small limited amount of tournaments (sponsor invites), but not take the place of players who are actually trying to make a living out there.

    Cabin filters in Oz have only been introduced within the last few years,

    • ozz, you have been gone awhile..the lpga may not be around in 2 yrs and thats a fact. Next yr may not have more events then this yr and its hard for players to survive on 12 events a year. ITs sad especially for us guys who have been out here for a long time. Its not a negative attitude but the truth…let her play but don’t give her the 2 yr exemption..if they were going to let her get her card at q school at 17 then they were prepared for this event. Lexi is not the only underage player at q school….2 other players were given special waivers as well.

  3. larry t says:

    took my 2005 acura in cause AC wasn’t working very good, told me it was fine. 2 min google search and discovered I need to change the “cabin filter”. $8.00 later it was freezing in my car…

  4. Matt G says:

    Larry is it true that you tried first to enlist at Old Navy before shopping? Just asking.
    Matt G

  5. Tom says:


    What’s your opinion about Lexi’s membership on the LPGA tour?
    Should she wait until she is 18 (2013) or go ahead and take it at 17 (2012)?

  6. Tommy G says:

    Where’s Rick..Looked like a different Looper on O’Toole’s bag.


  7. rick got the axe for the solheim cup..she is using her coach…rick is in china

  8. Tommy G says:

    Did Rick get the axe

  9. Dude says:

    Isn´t Tara looping for Azahara Munoz anymore?

  10. mike lawlor says:

    There will be a second tournament in Canada next summer sponsored by Manulife at Grey Silo GC near Kitchener,Ontario. I do not remember the date.Hope there have not been any events folder this year.
    Have a funny day.
    Good Luck with powerball.
    mike lawlor,etobicoke

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