LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Pre-practice

My Player is Jordan Hardy

The official practice rounds are tomorrow and Monday but many contestants have set up camp here in Venice for awhile. We played the Bobcat course yesterday and the Panther today. Everyone is on a buggy and this will carry-over through the tournament.

We played by our lonesome yesterday and finished just in time. A few minutes later the horn blew, warning of an impending t-storm, and play was called. Two hours later they were allowed to continue. Another storm threatened today’s play but stayed to our north.

Both courses are very wet. Plenty of mud on the ball.

They don’t allow more than two carts in a group so singles were interspersed with twosomes since caddies were riding. Play was slow.

Lack of preparation is an understatement for some players this week. One showed up with a hodgepodge of different grips on her clubs with some sized differently. Her pro caddie took her to the club repair trailer today and arranged a new set.

Spotted a few turkey vultures eating one of their own. Bet it tasted like chicken. The players thought it was disgusting which made me wonder if they expected them to dig a grave with their beaks and bury their buddy.

Our humble hovel for the week sits on the seventh tee of the Bobcat. Here’s a look.

Thumbs downOne of my roommates broke a tooth on some candy. If only he was on a low carb diet.

Carl “The Machine” is in the house. Working for Kendal Dye. That’s what ‘cart golf’ brings to town.Open-mouthed smile

When you think you’ve seen it all: This cooler/trash can sits by one of the on-course restrooms.

no feces sign

Shoot! Now what do I do with it?

Here’s a well informed local business.

pub welcome sign

WPGA? Trials?

8 Responses to LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Pre-practice

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    Well, one more top 70 spot opened up for your player, Jordan, with Lexi Thompson’s withdrawal. Good luck to her.

  2. Ozz says:

    Nice digs for the week. Will you be able to leave home for the golf course.. be hard to do. lol.

    Maybe if you pop down to the Pub and correct their mistake(s), you may get free refreshments for the week.

    All the best this week with Jordan.

  3. Tommy G says:

    Its ALL KERR’S FAULT!!!! if she had’nt given the Euro’s that point the USA would have won….Way to go “Queen of Mean”
    Actually Petterson played Great to win…..Way to go Europe…The better (Less Egomanic) team Won!
    Right Machine??


    • DaVinner says:

      IMHO, the American’s were out-captained. Ali (and Jo & Annika) rested their best players for the singles on Sunday, whereas Rosie wore out Paula, Brittany and Christie. Out of gas by Sunday.

  4. tommy, the real fact is that no one cares who won this thing..sad but true..by wed it will all be forgotten..probably better the euros won , it may help their tour.

  5. Tommy G says:

    Aussie… Your right.
    Kinda happy for LD

  6. Johnny B says:

    Larry, while in Venice you need to try Sharky’s On The Pier for a burger and brew.

  7. John Meyer says:

    My parents live in Venice. Sharky’s is definitely a good recommendation, and the food at the British Open Pub is pretty good as well, but the best sports bar in town is Bogey’s, at the corner of Venice Ave & 41-Bypass (right behind Splash). If you go to Bogey’s on Friday night and Venice High School’s football team is at home, be out of there by 10ish to avoid the crowd.

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