LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Practice Rounds

My Player is Jordan Hardy

Yesterday we teed off around 11:20. The skies opened up on the fourth hole and play was suspended. We took refuge in a house along the fairway after the nice lady waived us in. Sat there until the all clear was given then made it to the seventh fairway before the horn was blown once more. This time my villa was only a couple hundred yards to the rear. Went back there and waited some more. After watching some of the Cleveland-Miami game, we decided to call it a day. More rain on the radar.

Today I finished walking the last ten holes on the Bobcat. Not as wet as one would think but carts were limited to the paths. Again, the horn blew calling play just as I was finishing up. Dumping again. What a mess this could be. Saturday has been reserved as a rain day and by the way things look, there’s a good chance it may be used.

I’ll be amazed if we don’t play both courses up. Some holes on the Panther are mush. May need a marshal just to find tee balls in the fairways.

Heard one player hired her looper based on his inexperience. Yes, that’s right. She rejected a couple guys who had many wins between them on the LPGA. I guess they just knew too much.

There was a mandatory player meeting this morning at eight. The main topic was to make sure players don’t’ cross against the light while traversing the street on their way to the range and Panther course.

BTW, did I mention it was raining again? Sheesh!

Motorcycle, Jay and myself have a bet on which one of us will be working the next Solheim Cup. The odds are greater than man landing on Mars the same year. 🙂

Oh yeah, the Solheim Cup. Thanks to “the mole” for not sending any updates. The last time it was too controversial. We did watch a little. Jay’s in-house commentary was especially biting.

Tried the baked sweet potato at Wendy’s for lunch. Tasty.

It’s now a little after 5pm. The course has been open for awhile now. Players and caddies are passing by our window – opposite the seventh tee on the Bobcat – getting in a few final holes before the carnage begins.

Motorcycle was fishing a few steps out our back door without any luck. A gator (named Albert) suddenly appeared which had me hoping for a Crocodile Dundee moment. You know, the scene where the croc leaps out of the water and grabs Linda Kozlowski’s canteen. No luck there either. It did head for a bird wading for a meal on the opposite bank though but the potential prey took off.

Ate dinner at The Sand Trap Sports Bar & Grill. Thought it was appropriate.

Then there was this:

Sandra Post backs 16-year-old

Australasians tackle LPGA Tour School

Tiger Woods Hires Joe LaCava as New Caddie After Split With Steve Williams

China cancels dog meat festival


2 Responses to LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Practice Rounds

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    Will be cheering for a bunch of Futures players this week. Also rooting for Kristie Smith from Australia and LET (wouldn’t be surprised if she finishes in first.) I expect her to earn her card at the finals.
    Hope the rain gives you a break.

  2. Ozz says:

    Anybody would have thought it is the first time any Aussies or Kiwis have gone to LPGA Q School.

    Now when they say “tackle” do they mean attempting Q School or will they do rugby tackles on the other players and take them out of play.

    Kristie Smith has gained a lot of experience over the past few years competing in Australia and on the European Tour, and should do well. The important word ‘should’.

    All the best to ALL Players and Caddies on what appears to be a wet Stage 2 Q School .

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