LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Round Three

My Player is Jordan Hardy

Same score as yesterday +1. This time on the Bobcat. It dried out enough to use the 90° rule for carts.

One player in our group was using a poker chip for a ball marker early in the round. Found something smaller as we progressed.

OMG! Some of the bunker rake jobs are horrendous. If there ever was a place in need of a seminar for rookie loopers it’s here.

Saw a huge gator next to the second green. He was bellowing which vibrated the water around him. Had us all in amazement. Like Wild Kingdom in our backyard. Very cool.

It’s 4:30 and a storm came out of nowhere. Dumping big time. Heaviest since we’ve been here. They called ‘em in until it passed. Looks like a two hour delay.

Today’s tee times weren’t posted til around 10 PM last night. Some sort of snafu which is to be expected in this format. Two courses, everyone makes the cut and you still want to pair by score. The better tallies went off the Panther.

Sharkey’s is closed early in the week until the snowbirds arrived. Lucky we didn’t waste a trip.

If I ever make it to Talladega for the race, I have a place to stay. Jordan lives only minutes away. Now I just need some tickets.

Then there was this:

WWE News: New VP of Talent Relations is LPGA veteran -  Geddes is gone! It’s on to professional wrestling for her. Sounds like a reality TV show in the making. Now, at least there’s a chance for the LPGA stats to be right. Bada-bing!

“It just felt like the right time in my life to really make a distinct change like that.” – Geddes

Really? Did the Titanic just hit an iceberg or is it a coincidence she’s leaving? Will someone check this out on Snopes.com.

RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup returning to Valley in 2012

LPGA rookie Belen Mozo to appear in nude ESPN issue – She definitely qualifies.

Kicker’s golf clubs stolen by man delivering Chinese food -  Punch line please.

Trump casino offers $25K plastic surgery prize – Is there a way you could combine this with an LPGA event? They can post some before and after shots of the winner. Lets see, which players could use a little work?


4 Responses to LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Round Three

  1. Andy Preston says:

    Larry, when a gator is bellowing like that, stay far away!

  2. Ozz says:


    How are Jay and Jim fairing in the scores?

  3. If you read the article on Geddes leaving in the business news its hilarious…she helped the lpga develop a new scoring system..no wonder my players have misssed cuts this year..guess birdies are bogies..what a statement from someone in the know. She bungled the priority lists so bad they had to pass it off to Heather D…if sure she said thanks for that one!! and she pushed for the lpga to get golf in the olympics…as our late friend always said..” SHEESH”…if sure all the players who have to pee for their drug testing are thanking her as well!! Maybe Geddes will wrestle one of the Divas on Monday Night Raw..now that would be scary!! for the diva that is…out

  4. rich (arizona) says:

    “Mozo will be the fourth LPGA player featured in the issue. Sandra Gal, Christina Kim and Anna Grzebien were in the first issue. PGA Tour player Camilo Villegas was photographed in his Spider-Man pose for last year’s issue.”

    Are you serious? Christina Kim? I could see Sandra and Anna but Christina? Was that a typo?

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