LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Round Four

My Player is Jordan Hardy

Finished the event with a four over 76. Jordan was disappointed but I believed she learned quite a bit about her game and herself this week.

I guess seeing that gator bellowing left a deep impression on Jordan’s psyche. She had a dream that it was chasing her down the fairway but she was determined to hit the shot no matter what. So, she turned and gave it a whack. Today we saw a bird gulping down a fish. Who knows what’s in store for her tonight?

Storm cloud1.3  inches of rain pummeled the course yesterday in twenty minutes. That put the carts back on the paths for today’s finale.

Then there was this:

Lexi Thompson, 16, will join the LPGA Tour

Lexi Thompson exclusive Q&A

Drunken golf cart driver takes along scarecrow

LPGA’s Jane Geddes Leaving The Tour For Role With WWE -  I guess it’s true.


One Response to LPGA Qualifier Stage 2 – Round Four

  1. Tommy G says:

    I understand that Tommy T. has otoole in Asia…What did she do…Take Rick to Ireland to fire him….She’s a piece of you know what

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