Boredom In Biloxi

Not much happening here at Fallen Oak but things look brighter in the weeks to come. Got an offer (actually two) that’s difficult to refuse but it’s not in the take-it-or-else Luca Brasi category. Still may choose door number three.

I’m searching for a place to stay besides a hotel and the option of renting a room in a private residence is a possibility. Noticed a craigslist ad that looked promising so I stopped by. It is currently being rented by two other guys and the landlord had one more room available. Seemed a bit too small for three so I had my doubts but another reason sealed my rejection. Check out who one of the occupants is. Yikes!

Then there was this:

Pak Se-ri disqualified for signing wrong scoreMike Nichols, LPGA Tour’s vice president of tournament business affairs, said Pak’s "honesty and integrity" to bring the matter to the attention of officials "should be applauded."

What is common and expected behavior for all other golfers in the world should be applauded because? Give me a friggin break!

Daugherty wins LPGA Senior Championship

Peggy Kirk Bell Turns 90 This Month

Shark-infested course at Brisbane’s Carbrook Golf Club believed to be a world first

36 Responses to Boredom In Biloxi

  1. terry says:

    It’s pretty simple – because Koreans have long been known for being cheaters. So when one actually does the right thing – you applaud her.

    • lifeontour says:

      Just wanted someone else to say it. Thanks Terry.

      • Barbara says:

        That’s not like you to shy away from saying what you really think. What gives?

      • lifeontour says:

        Nothing. Just waiting for a reaction to the quote. Actually, I did not hear of one instance of cheating the entire year. Maybe we’re making progress.

      • jrboca says:

        HEy, just saw the pairings for Taiwan..Tamulis and Christina Kim are paired…the f bombs will be flying!! The locals wont be able to understand them

  2. Mark says:

    Applauded Really….You have got to be kidding me….

  3. pcb_duffer says:

    Maybe he’s pointing out that what is everyday behavior in golf is considered worthy of applause by general society. I refuse to tar Se Ri Pak &/or Bernhard Langer with ‘ethnic’ traits.

    • jrboca says:

      ethnic traits..where does sir lawrence display that? Golf is a game where any golfer or nationality is supposed to do the right thing to protect the integrity of the game and field. The fact that the lpga had to make a special announcement about the situation states the obvious. Based on the fact that the event was in asia and no one in the usa could have possibly known what the situation was makes it look like the lpga was protecting its butt and trying to create some PR. The next time you get stopped for shoplifting, I doubt the people outside the store will be applauding you as the police put you in the cruiser..think about it…

  4. Cougar says:

    Lorie Kane did the same thing at the Kia Classic in 2010 and did not get any mention.

  5. Ozz says:

    For those who know Sei Ri, you would not expect anything less, so there was no need to make comment about it, .

  6. Tommy G says:

    I see that otoole is such a super star that she had to Fire Rick….She finished Dead Last in Korea…..
    I have heard from other caddies that she Can’t Break a Egg (this is from guys that were paired with her)
    She has the demearner of Kathy Gerring. WITHOUT THE TALENT!!
    Larry, Enjoy your time in my neighborhood


    • Barbara says:

      Hi Tom,
      What does that expression “Can’t break an Egg” mean? And why did she fire her caddy? Didn’t they work well together? Thanks!

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      I don’t know anything about Rick and I agree the quick firing seems harsh but I don’t know how anyone can be surprised. During the Solheim coverage Ryann said she felt energized and confident because her swing coach was caddying for her. Immediately I thought that comment was a red flag toward her regular caddie.

      Other than her Solheim performance Ryann has had inexplicably poor results since being chosen as captain’s pick. Not a stroke or two above norm, more like 3 to 5. Six to eight above par holes per round. She is hard pressed to finish ahead of anyone. There’s been no stretch of inept form like that since she turned pro, whether it’s on the Futures Tour or earlier this year in Australia. No doubt she’s shell shocked and scrambling for answers. Rick was the unfortunate victim.

      BTW, other than perhaps a few loyal readers of this blog you won’t have any luck bashing Ryann. Golf Channel is on her side via Big Break so every positive event will be spotlighted. She already received good reviews when miked while paired with Yani and Suzann. Golf viewers are inclined to root for her, not oppose her. Ryann’s reputation is already established — big hitter, competitive, fit, and surprisingly effective in the Solheim Cup. It will take quite a bit to dent or change those four.

      • lifeontour says:

        Makes no difference who is in her corner. It’s all about performance. All the commendations in the the world are dust in the wind if she doesn’t back them up. Let’s visit this a year from now.

      • Ozz says:

        What more can be said about Ryann O’Toole’s current performance. +11 and DFL by 2 strokes. I hope when she returns home and sits down on her own and honestly thinks about what has gone wrong with her game over the past month.

  7. Tommy G says:

    Well said Awsi… Did’nt mean to bash otoole (I guess I did tho)
    Just the Facts….Rick is a “Top Shelf Guy” and I don’t like the way he was treated…

    • Ozz says:

      Nothing has changed Tom with the firing. I always wonder who is in the players ear, to view that the caddy has to be fired for the player to perform better.

  8. Tommy G says:

    Is there a lot of Play and are you getting out everyday


  9. Tommy G says:

    otoole First Round 82 DFL

  10. MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

    Bringing in her swing coach for the solheim cup is perfect evidence that Ms. O Toole is not thinking correctly.

    To me, there is no event in which an experienced cadero is more required. The pressure at the the Solheim is equal or greater than trying to win a major. A reasonable job description for a LPGA caddy is… “Managing Women in Crisis” When a player hits it in the gunk and turns to her caddy and says: “How did we get here?” An experienced looper might shrug and say: “Let’s focus on the next shot!” The same inquiry to a swing coach might elicit a detailed report on position at the top, hip rotation, etc.

    Swing Coach::Caddy = Apples::Oranges

    I know no details, however I feel bad for Richard. WTF! He is a hard working caddy and seemingly was treated like “SHITE” (use of the Euro word) The Solheim is a busy tough week for the caddies, but it is a reward also and a great honor!

    Would Richard have sent his player over the green on Sunday…who knows? But we can say with certainity that he would have a better chance to pull a good club than a swing coach. Bollox! (sp?)

  11. Tom says:


    When you are caddying for LPGA players during practice rounds, do they keep score as if that practice round was a tournament round?

    • jrboca says:

      as john mc enroe once stated..” you can not be serious”…when you hit as many shots into greens as players do on practice rounds with pins that are not tournament, players do not keep score in practice rounds.

      • Tom says:

        So, “Larry”, aka jrboca, if a golfer did keep track of their practice rounds as if they were playing a tournament round, what would be your general impression of that golfer?

      • lifeontour says:

        Shame on you Tom! All my comments/responses are posted from lifeontour but using an alias isn’t a bad idea. Anyone in the know can figure out who jrboca is. Anyone on tour at least.

      • jrboca says:

        tom, in 28 yrs on tour..i can count the number of times a player played “one” ball and kept score. Practice rounds are usually 5 hours and players hit multiple tee shots and multiple second shots into the greens. Often the pin placements are not where they will be on tournament days so players will for example hit shots to a back pin on a second tier..practice rounds are exactly that. If a player were to keep their score it would be useless as to what to expect them to shoot in a tournament round. There is no pressure, just like most players hit it great on the warm up before a round and then shoot a high score..why is that? Good players can play bad and shoot 70..that is what makes a player successful..knowing how to score. Talent alone does not make someone a good player…Is Michelle Wie a great player because she has all this talent? so far the answer would be no, one full field win in 4 yrs has not demonstrated that she is a hall of famer..just using her as an example..not picking on her. Any more questions? please don’t lump me in with larry….thank you

      • lifeontour says:

        Lump? If I were a sensitive person I’d be offended.

  12. Ozz says:

    I say they still have a little wager for birdies and eagles in the group. And the norm would be if you shoot a low score in the practice round, you can kiss the tournament or even making the cut goodbye.

    I always hated my player having lots of birdies in practice.

    • LoJo says:

      OK…so if what boca says is true w/ the practice rounds, how can players wager on birdies or eagles or whatever if they’re hitting multiple shots off the tee or from the fairway or throwing balls down around or on the green?

      Pls explain that as it pertains to the LPGA or pro golf and this wagering.

      • Ozz says:

        The ball in play for the wagering is the first ball hit off the tee on each hole. Normally only 2 balls per player is allowed at any time during the practice round. But there are different situations and scenarios that allow a player to play more then 2 balls.

      • MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

        The best practice rounds are played by oneself (early or late)

        This is a game I would play with my player (usually for 9 holes) I called it “Blind Squirrel”

        Player plays two balls to hole out. After completing the hole with both balls, by blind draw, it is determined which ball was the player’s and which was the caddy’s. Low score wins hole…ties result in a carry over. Played for $$$…kept the player focused and entertained during the (sometimes) boring practice round. Since I was a poor “B” cadero…usually played for $1/point

      • jrboca says:

        do they sell blind squirrels at walmart where u live?…maybe some day some of us veteran cadderos will be “a” caddies again…time is on our side as the stones used to sing!!

      • MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:


        “A” Caddies are just Blind Squirrels who somehow stumbled on a “NUT”

  13. Tommy G says:

    What is your take on otoole?????

  14. carl says:

    Well I’m not out there anymore, so not really in the loop, but I do know her scoring ave. stinks. I think it is like over 73, her putting seems to save her alot from watching on tv. I know she has played 34 rounds and only 10 were under par.I know she hits it far, but doesn’t really seem to know how to play. I also felt bad for Rick, not being able to caddie in Solheim.

  15. Tommy G says:

    How’s your House Hunting going?
    How bout the offers you recieved? Keep us Posted

    All the Best

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