Scavenger Hunt

Spent a little time in a u-pull-it auto recycling center hunting down a sunload sensor for my car.  It sits on top of the dash and controls the auto headlights as mine aren’t working properly. They stay on during the day. It was over $50 at the dealer but I found it online for about $20 fewer. Before ordering, I checked the local bone yard and found one similar car in the entire place. The sensor was still intact. After a little prying and undoing the screws with a contorted piece of scrap metal (a la MacGyver), it was in my possession. They practically gave it to me. We’ll see if it works.

My next project is fixing the sunroof. Heard something come loose one day and now it won’t open. The motor operates so something in the track must be disconnected. Removing the glass, trim and headliner is all it takes. On a scale of 10, this could be an 8 but I love an open sunroof.

Worked on another looper’s computer last night via the phone. Looks like malware was the culprit. Took fifty minutes but think I nailed it.

Then there was this:

LPGA planning Olympic-style event for 2012

LPGA’s proposed Olympic-style event could strike gold

Professional golfer Elaine Crosby will head Jackson Area Catholic Schools

Vice president: Taiwan should train more athletes like Yani Tseng

LPGA Futures event set for Frederick

Baggett glad to have LPGA event back at La Costa


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