Happy 11th to all.

The first frost delay of the autumnal season put the initial tee time at nine bells. It was a Louisiana couple celebrating their 50th anniversary and myself as their looper. But the way things started out, the addition of another year to that total was in jeopardy. The Mrs., apparently having her share of putting woes lately, did not wish to hear what she did wrong (pushed or pulled) when missing another short one. Only a quick fix could save the day and that’s where I came to the rescue. After studying her technique for a stretch, a lighter grip pressure and less time standing over the ball were my suggestions. Voilà!  A few holes later, the transformation was miraculous. Her long putts were more consistent and the shorties no longer a nightmare. She was all smiles on the back nine and matrimonial bliss was reestablished.

Boy, I’m gooood!Winking smile

BTW, carts were let on the fairways today. Hallelujah!

Then there was this:

LPGA Legends tee it up for Open Championship this weekend at Innisbrook – I’m sure a few “legend” caddies will also be in attendance.

With an eye toward ’12, LPGA commish Whan is running unique small business“I’m excited about the events we have added,” he said.

Longhorn Hall of Honor: Heather Bowie Young

A read worth your attention on this Veterans Day. Veterans reach out to thank Powell for visit to Vietnam four decades ago“I remember us flying to that Firebase Sherman in the helicopter, and Renee was commenting. ‘Oh, look! … “‘Those are gunships, ma’am … for support.’”

Guest commentary: An update from the LPGA Tour

Daly’s Temper Rankles Australian Golf OfficialsDaly, ranked 666 in the world, walked out of the tournament after sending as many as seven balls into the water on the 11th hole …

666? No wonder.Devil

Myrtle Beach veteran to golf 11 rounds in 11 hours on 11/11/11

Tiger Woods lands golf bag sponsor in Fuse Science


12 Responses to 11.11.11

  1. Rhet says:

    Jim and I are getting ready to head for the Island Course at Innisbrook to watch the ladies play. Should see some great golf.
    These are names I know and ladies I know. so glad to be here. Tomorrow head to Key Largo for a week.

  2. ohioboy says:

    Larry, its pretty pitiful when Recari can finish 33rd in a field of 36 and qualify for the CME event in Orlando…how about some players who could have finished top 10 0r 20 at other events and not make it..wow…sounds like a geddes deal..oops she is gone..thank goodness..maybe she will be one of the wrestling divas of the WWE..lol..now that would generate ratings..out

  3. Ozz says:

    I hope those LPGA Players and Caddies who intend coming down under to play in the Womens Australian Open are watching The Presidents Cup, because they will also be playing Royal Melbourne.

    The greens will basically be no different to what you see now. Actually, it might be harder for the girls, as it will be hotter and when the northerly wind blows, everything dries out more.

    • jr boca says:

      ozz, if they keep these greens at the same speed, the women will never finish the round….they better work on their bunker play as well…cut could be quite high..

  4. Ozz says:

    JR, could not agree more. But isn’t that what all National Amateur bodies of any country want, no player breaking par in their national open.

    On our coverage we have Baker-Finch, and he keeps on saying that Royal Melbourne has the fastest greens all year round then any other course worldwide.

  5. jr boca says:

    its a low level lpga event with a 1.1 mil purse..I doubt that it will be set up that hard unless angus sets the pins!! and he retired..lol..IBF is better as an announcer thank god, can we have someone on a tv broadcast who is not an aussie..no offense/

  6. Ozz says:

    Are you talking about The President Cup coverage? I thought you guys were getting Johnny Miller and Jimmy Roberts. We are only getting the feed from NBC/Golf Channel telecast and using our own commentators.

    They sometimes will cut in after a match is completed to interview the players, and I’ve seen Dottie that many times – still hasn’t changed.

    • jr boca says:

      just busting your nut ozzz…we got the australian guys for the first two days..Johnny M wouldn’t do all 4 days..not in his contract..lol..should have used Kay and Donna…not!!

      • Ozz says:

        No worries JR, just as long as we did not have to listen to Johnny M. It was a good win by the USA. The last day was good to watch with no one player dominating the course.

        This is what Yani Tseng has said in GolfWeek article:
        Tseng’s 2012 season will begin at the ISPS Handa Australia Women’s Open at Royal Melbourne. She hopes the greens are as quick for the ladies as they were for the men this week at the Presidents Cup. “It would be so much fun,” she said. “You’re working hard; you want to challenge yourself.”

  7. Tommy G says:

    Who are you working for at Q School?
    Any word on the 2012 Schdule?

    • Cougar says:

      2012 schedule probably will not be out until a couple of “maybes” are resolved. Might not be until the end of the year.

  8. jr boca says:

    heard there was 36 maybes..i’m sorry thats just the off weeks again, what was I thinking..lol

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