Slower Than Molasses In Winter Time

Thanksgiving really puts a damper on Fallen Oak. Dead here. I just don’t get it. Why put up with the travel hassles and spend an interminable stay with relatives you can’t stand instead of a glorious day on the golf course?

 Winking smile

Today is the first round of Q-School. Scores here.

Then there was this:

Honda LPGA prize money increased

The Champions golf course at La Costa Resort near San Diego: Bringing Dick – A new look for the Korean Classic.

‘Okanagan girl’ AJ Eathorne returning home to teach golf game she loves

LPGA inks contract with Japanese TV

Corning Inc. stock plunges after Q4 outlook darkens – Oops! Sure doesn’t bode well for the return of the Corning Classic.

Tatt-poo for cheating – Artist inks excrement on wayward lover’s back – Revenge is sweet.

Horses could soon be slaughtered for meat in US – Can’t wait to down my first McFilly. Hold the pickles please.

8 Responses to Slower Than Molasses In Winter Time

    • MissingBrainCellsButNotStupid says:

      Interesting, for sure. Sample size is not reported so we don’t know how representative this is. Curiously the former LPGA cadero who “bagged” his player made my mind chuckle. I can think of a few likely candidates, and appropriately both are big enough “penis-heads” to brag about it.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        I always wondered about that aspect of the male caddy/female player thing. The two spend enough time together on the road and practice time. Alone at night, lonely, away from family, home, the pressure of the event, etc. Sometimes women can become clingy, needy, and afraid. Especially the younger players.

      • jr boca says:

        wow frank, your assessment that women can become clingy, needy and afraid..what insight!! the tour is so young that the parents are with them 24 hrs aday anyway..the days of caddies and players spending time together off the course is long gone..half the players are so young they could be jail bait.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        thanks jr…I guess most you guys aren’t getting any… and the ones that are, are keeping their mouths shut about it…!

  1. jr boca says:

    Larry, did you chek out the stephanie kono situation at q school? You should have a field day with this one!!

  2. Ozz says:

    JR, did you go down to Q School and do the numbers or just stayed away completely.

    As we say down under, the situation with Kono is just one big balls-up.

    • jr boca says:

      worked for a good player but the wind and putting got her in round 3 and 4…missed cut!! I didn’t hang around for the 9 way playoff for one spot..don’t miss the scoreboard thing plus the qschool was 80% futures tour players who don’t know any of us old timers

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