On A Roll

Worked three days in a row. I’m exhausted. Open-mouthed smile

Then there was this:

Safeway Classic Returns to Portland in 2012 | Women’s Golf – One of our favorite stops. See ya next year caddie master Stan.

Caddie Confessions: What we learned from Golf Magazine’s poll of Tour caddies | GOLF.com


7 Responses to On A Roll

  1. jr boca says:

    Larry, the lpga office told the ucla coach that kono and one other player had to attend final stage to play the futures next yr. The coach called the lpga office several times and was told exactly that. Now kono finishes top 20 and the lpga makes no effort to solve the problem..turn pro or no card….hard to believe!

    • Awsi Dooger says:

      Not hard to believe, considering all the gaffes at Q School in recent years, like playoffs that weren’t necessary.

      Kono, Do and the UCLA coach Forsyth should have asked the question publicly, relying on wisdom of the crowd and not an unconcerned dunce(s) at LPGA headquarters. Heck, I could have told them their Futures Tour status was sufficient. By the time the college group joins that tour in midseason the fields have been thinned by players making no money and dropping out, with “D” and “F” status players (to use the previous designations) moving into the fields regularly.

      In this case the status was already sufficient, regardless of watered down fields.

      The media is a marvelous tool, if you know how to use it. Forsyth could have voiced concern and dismay to someone like Baldry weeks ago and one article would have provided a jolt of reality, and a different outcome.

      • lifeontour says:

        The crowd doesn’t set the rules Awsi Dooger. You have to rely on the folks in charge. Regrettably, it’s the LPGA. They may have changed the top dog but the kennel still has a few mutts. No offense.

    • lifeontour says:

      Sounds like everything should be in writing or recorded when you talk to the LPGA. Not owning up and give her a pass is just their style. Resembles a Geddes goof. Was she still on board when this happened? Hmmmm.:)

  2. jr boca says:

    Based on my calculations.the lpga took in almost 1.2 mil in qschool money this year. 2 of the stages were held on their “home” course..the fees paid to the city of daytona beach for the 2 stages for greens fees etc ( 140 times 7 times a rate of lets say 30 a head ) is 30k and the venice site had 240 players for 7 days at a non premium rate as it was still summer season would mean the lpga raked in quite a haul. Very nice for them, but shouldn’t the winner at least receive more then 5k which is less then she paid to enter the 2 stages. Only 50k was paid out to the field….maybe they are using the monies to hire more qualified people to help run the place

  3. jr boca says:

    as the un official stats person of the lpga, will someone from the lpga please update the 21 to 30 category by dropping sherlock and bordner from that list as they have better status in the 100 to 125 category, 2 players from the plus 6 total were dropped to the 31-40 list which they shouldn’t be as that would be a true number of 10 players in the 21-30 category. Uribe should be dropped from the 31-40 status as he has better status in the 125 cat. Hopefully, this will be rectified before they do the priority numbers on Dec 15th…wait til u see the number of medicals this year!!

  4. Ozz says:

    I always like seeing the Stat man in action. JR you should of hung around and all this would have been sorted on the day..or maybe not.

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