Dead and Buried

Springfield LPGA tournament dissolved – After thirty-six seasons, LPGA golf has been finally interred in the Land of Lincoln.

THKUGOD – Mississippi license plate I spotted. How did it ever get by the separation of church and state Gestapo?

Then there was this:

Rising Chinese star Ji Rong vying for Hyundai China Ladies Open

EBX Group and IMG Worldwide Acquire Brasil1 to Launch Its IMX Joint Venture

Announcement about LPGA Futures event coming soon

NGCA inducts Inkster, Hurst into Hall of Fame

Matthew has hunger for more honors

Woman caught making meth inside S. Tulsa Walmart – DIY. Only way to go.


6 Responses to Dead and Buried

  1. Ozz says:

    How Sad! I have great memories of The Rail for my short time.

    The Rail, State Farm Classic, Central Illinois Charity Classic
    1976 – 2011….RIP.

  2. scraper says:

    no more looper loop. which is sad.

  3. Kate Peters says:

    Sorry guys…and gals. -Kate

  4. brad says:


    Always enjoy the site but have never chimed in. I helped a friend by looping at the last minute at q school last week. Have done it before but by no means a pro. Below are my observations after 6 rounds in 6 days with 8 or so different playing partners.

    -What is worse, 1 – a swede and her caddy looking at more paperwork, charts and graphs than an irs audit prior to a shot 2 – an asian just taking forever to hit any shot 3 – an american taking about a step and a half down the fairway when your player is at the top of her backswing

    -its really uncool to wear your bib prior to the first tee and is a technical foul if worn in the parking lot

    -after being put on the clock, slow poke seems to play better

    -the pbj station on the range is a nice touch

    -never been so nervous performing a rake job before

    -women will add and remove layers of clothes an average of once every other hole

    -playing with a female who can use f bombs both for comedy and outrage is way underrated.

    -the girls i saw who did have pro loopers seem to have made it more than those who did not.

    -you know your with a pro when they offer to clean your players ball on the green while you take care of the rake job…was able to perform same later and filed that move away

    -felt a little guilty in the practice rounds using the future pin placements set up by the pro caddies…..they did not seem to mind nor did my player seem to mind putting to them

    -the parking lot had bmws and lexuses as well as pontiacs and hyundais

    -was i wrong on this one…even with more wind on champions the legends course is still at least 2 strokes harder.

    Keep up the good blog,


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