Lemons Into Lemonade

The last couple weekends, a paving crew has been applying asphalt sealant to the parking lot where I’m temporarily residing. Half the lot was cordoned off to protect the parked cars but that didn’t stop a barrage of errant airborne droplets of black residue from finding a final resting place on my ride. I figured if I got to them in time, the myriad of cleaners, along with a little elbow grease, stored in my trunk would dispatch them forthwith but the  hundreds, if not thousands, of pinhead sized dribs of pavement product turned out to be impossible to remove. Bug and tar remover, which dispatches common road tar with ease, didn’t faze it. Neither did a cleaner wax so I figured the culprits who dispersed this plague take the hit for professional remotion.

After repeated attempts to get the company (Geo Pave) to contact me with no result, I felt a personal appearance was warranted. They were just a short distance away and as I drove there, I mentally prepared to do battle with with one of their representatives who would try to low-ball my claim but that was not to be as it turned out. After inspection, they agreed to have it cleaned at their expense.

I was sent to Red Arrow Car Wash where the head honcho knew exactly what was necessary. The entire vehicle had to be gone over with a clay bar to expel the demons noir then waxed which would take three to four hours. Since I had the day off (which is all too common right now) it was all theirs.

After a few laps around the neighborhood, lunching on Wendy’s chili and baked potato topped off with an ice cream cone from MacDonald’s for dessert, I returned to sit out my time in the car wash lobby and listen to a podcast of Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Eventfully, my car was pulled up front and I was eager to check it out.

Wow, what a transformation! The paint looked like new albeit marked with the scrapes and bruises of being on the road for a few years. This gave me cause to Google this magical elixir (clay bar) to see how it works. It actually looks fairly easy to apply and inexpensive to boot. If you’re a DIY type of person and wishing to restore your chariot, short of a new paint job, check it out here.

BTW, the work on my Sable ran $213.95.

Then there was this:

Ladies European Tour (LET) – Fred enjoys his day in the sun – A tribute from his peers. Bravo!

Professional Caddies Association begins search for president | World Golf News

Column: What´s behind the equality in LPGA style? – Telling it like it is. One of the best I’ve seen.

Nicklaus to help launch Golf 2.0 to International golf industry | PGA | PGA.com


6 Responses to Lemons Into Lemonade

  1. Chris says:

    Wow. Did you get a good deal on the car wax. As I detail cars as a hobby let me echo your comments on the wonders of what it can do to a vehicle. Just one note……after a clay bar a car is stripped of all waxes and sealants. Afterwards you must apply some type of wax for protection or your paint will suffer. Glad it worked out.

    Horray for Dan Jenkins getting into Hall of Fame.

  2. Ozz says:

    Larry, I could have made a fortune on tour detailing cars. I was clay barring my Toyota Accord in 2000 and onwards. It’s really easy to do and the result is great, as you’ve seen. As Chris mentioned that claying removes ALL waxes and polishes, and they have to be reapplied.

    I used to use Meguiars products, but over the past few years I have changed to Mothers car care products, which I have found applying and removing very easy.

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Good article on the equality nonsense.

  4. jr boca says:

    oz, you were always ahead of your time..lol

  5. jr boca says:

    Check out the 2012 priority list..with 9 medicals in the top 100 on money list, its now possible for the last player out of q school( salas) to not be eligible for phoenix or san diego based on a 132 player field..the girls got smart…take a medical for any reason and keep your status. I’m not saying anyone didn’t deserve medicals but the timing is impeccable. Salas priority number is really 138, not 129 with the xtra medicals given. Her status is worse then in 2011 for a player with the last card from q school.

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