A Stink In The Air?

Looks like there’s a brouhaha erupting regarding the new ladies mini-tour started by one of my former bosses (oh, there’s been so many), Dina Ammaccapane. Known as The Grasshopper Tour, it competes directly with The Cactus Tour which has been around for six years and run by Mike Brown. The rub is that Dina and many of her friends played on The Cactus Tour and is now in direct competition with it.

I don’t know all the ins and outs and I’m not taking sides. One part of me says that competition is good. The other part says that loyalty trumps profit. Either way, I send out thanks for the extra fodder for my blog. Pickins have been slim lately. It will be interesting though to see which tour the players pick.

Malinda Johnson, a former LPGA player, has taken umbrage with the start-up tour and posted this critique on their Facebook page. Here is what she wrote and the banter that followed.

Then there was this:

Snedeker wins playoff after Stanley meltdown – Not exactly a meltdown. It wasn’t like he laid the sod over his approach shot to eighteen.

Donald Trump looks to spend eternity in NJ as real estate mogul seeks private – People are dying to join.

Laura Davies tips golf prodigy Lydia Ko to turn professional at 16

Pepper adds author to her life list

The magic formula


18 Responses to A Stink In The Air?

  1. J says:

    She sounds like one unhappy lady.

  2. Ozz says:

    Someone’s making money on The Cactus Tour. Just checked the various fee’s for joining and tournament entries.

    Joining is: $399 payable by check/money order…..$412 paid by Paypal…..extra $13 paying by Paypal.

    Entries are: Member – $560/check $577/PayPal….$17 extra paying by Paypal
    Non-member – $660/check $680/Paypal….$20 extra paying by Paypal.

    3 different lot’s of fee’s and 3 different amounts if using Paypal. Bring in the auditors.

    I haven’t looked at The Grass Hopper tour as yet.

    • Ozz says:

      Just checked out The Grasshopper Tour for fee’s.

      Online Tournament Registration: $475…..Amateur: $195. Paypal only option to pay.

      Could not find actual Membership Fee, but there were 2 options to pay.
      1, Posting registration (snail mail)
      2. Pay online using Paypal.

  3. Couldnt find listing for grasshappersan tour, perhaps listed under stirfry tour?

  4. Tommy G says:

    How did the Looping go last weekend?

  5. Tommy G says:

    Hi Larry,
    I read that Greg and Nat split..(Probably a good move for Greg) Do you know the scoope? Who is on Nats bag ( Don’t think its Rick Winn…) How about the Hulkster??????????


    • Larry Smich says:

      Not me Tom. I heard it might be T-Mack but not sure.

    • tomas, why would yu think it was a good move for greg to have split from gulbis? Do you think he is in high demand like the rest of old turds on here..lol…she took pretty good care of him for 10 yrs and please rick winn, she had enough of him when she was a rookie..you need to get back out on tour more than once a decade these days and get a jolt of the new reality on tour…nothing personal

    • mike says:

      Well Tom, to say that grgs better off is insane! You can bet he was taken care of as good as any caddie on LPGA tour. Natalie makes millions in sponsorship. I am sure Greg’s having a lot more fun with an lpga rookie this week. ( who shot 79 the 1st day)

  6. mike says:

    Larry, do you have a bag in Phoenix or California tourneys? Those are full field events and would think if you can’t get a bag there are your days numbered? Good luck Larry

    • lifeontour says:

      Phoenix is not a full field event Mike. 132. No bag yet but I didn’t go west last year either and by the way, everyone’s days are numbered if you haven’t figured that out yet.

      • mike says:

        Larry, I understand that. Just wondering if plans are in the future for a return to lpga? If you have anything cooking?

      • Barbara says:

        If thats the case, will you be changing the name of your blog to something else if you cant land a bag?

      • lifeontour says:

        Barbara it’s just words. Who really cares?

      • mike says:

        rename the blog to life in Mississippi! It seems as tho a lot of the older caddies are all looking for work this season? With the average age of a tour player in there 20’s, it would seem like they don’t want someone older than dad on the bag!

      • lifeontour says:

        Funny, you don’t see that on the men’s tour. Wonder why that is?

  7. Tommy G says:

    Time for a new post to get rid of these negitive vibes…

    All the Best to you in 2012

  8. Ozz says:

    After this weeks Australian Open at Royal Melbourne, I’m sure some bags will open up.

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