Sebaceous Scent

February 29, 2012

se·ba·ceous (s-bshs) adj. – Containing an unusual amount of grease or oil.

I mentioned taking-in Actor of Valor yesterday but forgot to add my observation of the couple right in front of me . It wasn’t that the guy was wearing a cowboy hat or using his cell during the movie and his spouse didn’t have a Marge Simpson copycat coif to block the view but she did put a burr in my saddle by her choice of the pseudo-nutrition snack she wished to devour while watching the show.

Like most modern venues, the Cinemark Theater – right down the road – offers a variety of goodies to satisfy any palate but the days of popcorn, Milk Duds and Ju Ju Beads are well behind us unfortunately. Now, a full menu of over-priced snacks are on tap but, I digress.

To make a short story longer, just as the main feature began, the Mrs. returned with a drink and order of fries. Please! I like fries as much as the next guy but for some reason the aroma of grease-soaked spuds at that particular moment didn’t sit well. It was all I could do to keep from losing my two-hard-boiled-egg breakfast right there. I know. Just move you say. But I had the perfect seat say I. It was dead smack in the middle and the movie had begun. Why should I be the one to uproot and seek a more pleasing odoriferous pasture? I refused. So sit there I did, hoping for a change in the flight pattern of the offending molecules or the need to quell a voracious appetite of the Mrs. by gobbling up every last morsel without taking time to chew. Whichever it was, my wishes were fulfilled in short order and I was able to enjoy the flick without further bother.

Please excuse the triviality of this post. I had the urge to communicate my annoyance. Have a great day.

Then there was this:

Olympics-Mexican golfer Ochoa keen for part at 2016 Rio Games

FAU coach Joan Joyce headed into another Hall of Fame

I remember her well. The player/caddie softball games were quite a treat when she was on the mound.

Joan also had a predilection of being a tad errant off the tee and I recall Rick, her caddie at the time, charting yardages to the green from places far and wide. He new her tendencies and was prepared for any situation. Sometimes you have to put in the extra mile.

Florida’s Natural Sets Schedule; Asks for Volunteers

LGU blasted by Matthew over Hull

Honda Classic hosts event hoping to lure more women to the links

Tiger Woods nearly gave up golf to become a Navy Seal, says ex-coach – That would have been the sports story of the century.

Woods’ agent rips ex-coach’s book

Man Bursts Into Flames After Accidentally Drinking Gasoline, Lighting Cigarette – A Darwin Award candidate for sure.

Short Day

February 28, 2012

Two of us went out with a fivesome yesterday. Don’t know why they needed us both but it may had something to do with them being a media group. Never hurts to roll out the red carpet. Only made it three holes until the skies opened up and we headed for the clubhouse. It was a cold rain and nixed the rest of the round for two of them. One had to catch a plane and the other was not about to fight the elements. I was no longer needed so off I went.

Just saw Act of Valor and highly recommend it. Filmed with real warriors and not the Oscar wannabees we’re so used to. I think half the audience was active duty military. If you’re not proud to be an American after viewing, you probably voted for Obama. No offense.

Mississippi has some of the best vanity license plates. Spotted IMD-MOM the other day. The best ever though was SKDMRKS. Saw that one on the road a few years back.

Yippy Rankin

February 25, 2012

Yippy Rankin, husband of LPGA great and now TV commentator Judy Rankin, has passed away. A fierce supported and competitor, Yippy was a ubiquitous figure on tour when Judy was playing. I did not know the man personally but Yippy left an indelible mark on the fairways of the LPGA. Peace.

If you have any Yippy stories, please share them and consider posting your condolences in the guest book. I’m sure Judy and family would appreciate it.

Walter Snyder "Yippy" Rankin

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Walter Snyder "Yippy" Rankin, 71, of Midland, passed away on Friday, February 24, 2012. Yippy was born October 29, 1940, in Colorado City, Texas. His family lived in Fort Worth until he was nine years old and then they moved to Midland, which was his home for the rest of his life. He attended Midland public schools and graduated from Midland High School. He went on to attend Texas Tech University on an athletic scholarship. At Tech, Yippy played football, baseball, and was also a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He graduated in 1964. Yippy returned to Midland and coached high school football, until moving on to the Aetna Life Insurance Company. He eventually became involved in the oil and gas industry. He married Judy in 1967 and became a devoted fan of women’s golf and her most loyal supporter. They shared in her career and were fortunate to make many friends and travel the world. They were fortunate to also experience some great moments in sports. One of the great joys in his life was his son, Tuey. Supporting his athletic and life endeavors was of the utmost importance to him. As a young man, he coached numerous youth sports teams and has continued to support young people in athletics in other ways. He passionately loved his family, friends, and all of the dogs that warmed and shared his life. Red Raider nation has lost one of its most loyal supporters. He loved watching his beloved Red Raiders and was an avid college football fan. Yippy loved quail hunting and some of the best times of his life were playing marginal golf with dear friends. In recent years, he loved spending time with his grandchildren. Yippy was preceded in death by both of his parents. He is survived by his wife, Judy; his son, Tuey Rankin; daughter-in-law, Jennifer; grandchildren, Kendall Anne and Tripp; brother, David Rankin; sister, Dianne Rankin; as well as the extended family of both his and Judy’s. Very special thanks to Dr. Roberta Case, Dr. Summer Merritt, Hospice, and Maria Prieto, who were invaluable during his lengthy illness. Also a special thanks to Randye Biggs. Friends may visit at the funeral home on Sunday, February 26, 2012, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. A memorial service is planned for Monday, February 27, 2012, at 1:00 p.m., at First United Methodist Church. Arrangements are under the direction of Ellis Funeral Home. Condolences may be placed at: The family would appreciate any memorial donation in his name. Most special to him would be the Texas Tech Red Raider Club, Box 45055, Lubbock, Texas 79409.

Then there was this:

Carner thrilled to teach the game she loves

Commentary: Pro golf needs new way to pick Hall of Famers

Wright reveals battle with depression

Miller, Chamblee, Faldo take off the gloves

Damn a low fat diet: Reformed vegan gorges on all the foods his granny enjoyed… and has never felt better – Good news indeed!

Newbie Bag Toter Alert

February 22, 2012

A new rule on the LPGA Symetra Tour nixes golf carts for players. They used to be assigned to each group for club transport but no longer. Players now have to either take a pull cart, hire a caddie or tote the sticks themselves. I’m assuming these would be volunteer positions but not sure. It’s been suggested that putting the kibosh on the cost of renting the extra carts is the reason.

So if you have a pocket full of traveling money, a predilection for chasing pellets and skirts (figuratively speaking) and wish to see the USA in your Chevrolet – or any other road chariot in your stable – you may wish to give looping the Symetra Tour a go. Even if you can’t do the full circuit an event in your neighborhood may suffice.

Fat Tuesday is in the can and Lent is upon us. It’s a  Christian observance of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday and a time of sacrifice and penitence for many. Even if you’re not of that specific religious persuasion, forgoing one of life’s little pleasures for the the enrichment of one’s soul is not a bad thing at all. Something to think about.

Just wondering: Does anyone use those electronic cigarettes? I don’t smoke myself but curious if it helped you kick the habit.

Then there was this:

Fairway Solitaire provides new twist on golf and solitaire card games

LPGA legends return for Fresh and Easy pro-am

Off My Keister

February 21, 2012

Worked a threesome yesterday along with the assistant pro as good will ambassador. They were some media guys who write for various golf and travel publications and were checking-out Fallen Oak. Over three inches of rain on Saturday kept the carts off the fairways so I got in plenty of exercise. The course has a sand base but was still overwhelmed from the deluge. It sure helped that I’ve been walking five miles a day and keeping up with my exercise bands routine and stomach crunches but it still took a toll.

On the very first hole, the creek on the port side found a couple tee balls. One of the guys went pellet hunting and found nine. It was like hitting a slot jackpot on your first coin. Think he only lost one or two before we finished.

We found the bunkers washed out but only in the fairways. Most of the green-side had been taken care of by the ultra-efficient maintenance crew. All three guests raved about the course. Getting ready for the annual visit by the Champions Tour in March sure doesn’t hurt. Completion of the infrastructure is ongoing. The trailers have arrived and bleachers are going up.

One gentleman was from Ottawa and covered the last two LPGA events there. Another was at last season’s Arkansas stop and said he had a great sit-down with Yani. I probably passed him in the clubhouse a few times. He was the lifeblood of the group, peppering us with nonstop chatter, and seemed to really enjoy the experience. We exchanged info afterward and he gave me his business card. I immediately recognized the picture of the resort upon it. It was Turtle Bay. I’m sure we’ll meet again in Razorback country. Here’s his website.

Overall it was a good day. It got me off my butt and back on the green, green grass of home. Hey, it’s only a euphemism. For proof of my recent buttocks-flattening position, check out the backside of my drawers and no, it isn’t from corrosive flatulence.

holy sweatpant

Skid Mark Free

Then there was this:

Spitting mad: Golf star’s antics spark Twitter campaign

Hickory Golf Championship Is Played With Wooden Clubs

Michelle Wie hopes for game boost from gluten-free diet – We all know it’s not the gluten she needs to rid herself of. Winking smile

The Real Deal

February 16, 2012

You know the adage "You get what you pay for". Well, every once in awhile you get more than you pay for. This is the case of a purchase I made back in December. Is was a pillow from Yeah, a friggin’ pillow. Let me explain.

It seems like I’ve had trouble sleeping forever and anything that would help would be worth my attention. I had seen parts of their infomercial on the tube and immediately dismissed it. Figured it was in the same class as the Ginsu Knives, Slap Chop and all the other As Seen On TV, $19.95 so called miracle products but something changed my mind. It was a personal testimonial by New York radio talk show host Don Imus.

I try to catch the Imus show in the a.m. and find it funny and informative. He started doing commercials for mypillow but when the allotted, paid-for time ran its course, he continued raving about the product. We all know (or at least we should) testimonials aren’t worth much but due to his passionate oratory, I thought it deserved closer scrutiny. So I went to their website to see what the deal was.

First of all, the inventor of mypillow does the presentation and if sales depended upon him smooth-talking you into a purchase, they wouldn’t sell a one. He’s not a professional pitchman by any stretch of the imagination. Just an ordinary joe, stumbling through his spiel about something he believes in. After viewing all the video and perusing as much as I could, I decided to order one. BTW, mypillow seems to be touted as a cure for everything from snoring to gonorrhea (well, that’s stretching it a little) but it’s pretty close and you have to get passed that. Let me tell you though, the 60 day money back policy and free exchanges if you don’t get the correct fit (there are five different sizes depending on the amount of filling used or they’ll custom make one for you) was the clincher.

The big surprise was the cost. This thing ain’t cheap! No $19.95 and we’ll-send-you-a-second-one-just-pay-for-the-shipping-and-handling offer here but after going to their Facebook page, I found that if I used "facebook" for a discount code, there was a 25% savings. Shipping is extra though but is refundable if you return it.

Now it was time to order. I didn’t know which size so get so I opted for the one designed for most men. Wrong! After using it for about a week, it just seemed too thick for me. A quick call to mypillow had the next thinner model in the mail the same day. When it arrived, I sent back the original on their dime, which is nice.

I’ve used it for a couple of months now and believe it or not, the hype was real. I now sleep better than I have in a long time. Longer and deeper. You have to check their website for the science behind it (if there is any) but I could care less why it works, it just does and no, it’s not the placebo effect. 

The bottom line: It’s well worth the money and more. If it ever disappears. I’ll buy another in a heartbeat.

Then there was this:

For $8000, Natalie Gulbis will let you carry her golf bag

Aussie’s tough job to defend NZ golf title

U.S. Venture Open to host Jack Nicklaus; Nancy Lopez will return

A Valentine’s Day Story

February 15, 2012

For those who know caddie masters Sam Lloyd and Roy Smith, here is some fantastic news in an abbreviated narrative.

Last February, Sam traveled to China, met a lady at a restaurant, exchanged email addresses, started corresponding after coming home, then returned to China in August and got married! He’s now working on bringing her to the US.

Congratulations to Sam and his new bride.

Then there was this:

India in for LPGA treat

Natalie Gulbis discusses her body painting shoot for SI Swimsuit Issue

Korda up 203 spots in women’s golf ranking

Scottsdale Healthcare backs Founders Cup

Calling all really good female golfers . . . .

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