Opening Salvo

What a start to the 2012 LPGA season. A six-way playoff with Korda coming out on top. Given the high scores, it looks as if they started out with a Major. Please, don’t get any ideas Mike.

I didn’t see it but heard the TV coverage was top rate. Was it a lesson for The Golf Channel? Your thoughts.

Double victories by Lexi and now Korda. Is a more westerly wind in the forecast this year?

I’ve been meaning to tackle my stuck sunroof for some time so I dove in head first a few days ago. Step one was to remove the headliner. What a pain! After dismantling all the plastic trim, the next step was to break the bond of glue between the liner and roof but for some reason, I tried the mechanism one more time. You guessed it. Worked without a flaw. The only thing I can think of is that something was blocking its path on retraction and is now free. I added some lube in the tracks for some preventive maintenance and buttoned everything up. At present, it works as new. One of the key attractions of this car when I bought it was the sunroof. Glad it’s back. Crank-up the heat, open the roof and hit the road. I get my kicks on Route 66 …

It’s party time in the bayou. The Carnival season is in full swing and  every little turn in the road seems to find a parade, or so it seems. A couple floats, on their way to parts unknown, bypassed my abode last weekend with tunes blaring. The decibel level had to be off the charts which is sweet music to local audiologists I’m sure.

CBS ran a piece on Glen Campbell this morning. What a remarkable life he’s lead. Now battling Alzheimer’s, Glen is on his goodbye tour.

Then there was this:

Patty Sheehan says LPGA picked "perfect" captain for Solheim Cup

USGA honors Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis and Althea Gibson

ShopRite LPGA Classic needs volunteers to work tournament

Mobile Bay LPGA Classic seeks volunteers, looks ahead

LPGA players to play a charity match in April

LPGA rookie Yun to kick off 2012 season with Gulbis’ former caddie – I’m waiting on updates of more changes.

Castrale sets LPGA return date

Juli Inkster faces big challenges as she tries to recuperate from surgery on elbow



10 Responses to Opening Salvo

  1. Ozz says:


    I watched the complete TV coverage on ABC (Aust) which went all the way through including the whole presentation. No commercials, just snippets of players interviews and various activities for ALL provided at the course.

    Only seen very little LPGA golf since leaving the tour, I was impressed of the golf standard of the young ones on tour of all nationalities. Royal Melbourne is a challenging and demanding golf course just in it’;s own right, without adding the elements. The girls played the course 330 yds shorter then what the Presidents Cup was played on, as well as some different holes of the composite course (eg, Par 3 16th was not played in the Presidents Cup).

    The greens were around the same speed as well. Apparently this is the only golf course world wide where the green speed does not change all year round, even for the members.

    I think the hardest golf course is now out of the way for 2012. And the players and caddies have definitely dusted off whatever rust gathered over the off-season. It was also good to see some old familiar faces as well.

  2. J Wake says:

    Australian TV coverage of golf has usually been better than most, for the simple reason the commentators know when to shut up!! Jack Newton has been one of the commentators for a long time, Craftie often goes back, plus Brett Ogle, Ozzie Moore ( I assume it’s a different Ozzie to the Ozz of the first comment). All tour players, all knowledgeable about game and course, all leave the game to provide the ‘entertainment’. I wish the US commentators would take note and get rid of the incessant chatter.

    • lifeontour says:

      So true J Wake. They constantly talk over the action, relaying trivial facts or observations, as if the viewers were morons. Maybe they get paid by the word. 🙂

    • Ozz says:

      The commentators for the golf were, Host – Stephanie Brantz,
      Commentators – Jane Crafter, Kate Burton (UK), Steve Robilliard and Peter Wilkins (ABC Sports Commentators), On-course – Sandra McKenzie (fmr LPGA player). They also did the Aust. Ladies Masters the week before.

      One of Australia’s renown cricket commentators, Richie Benaud always insisted, that unless you can provide additional information that the viewer cannot see from the picture, say nothing, as the picture will tell the story.

      J Wake, I’m definitely not Ozzie Moore, but thanks for mentioning me.

      • that stephanie brantz was a hottie..ozz, you can say what you want but the green speeds were not the same as the presidents cup. if they were, the girls would still be finishing the sunday maybe but not what the guys played..just an observation from this side of the pond.

      • Ozz says:

        AsianJackieChan, I would agree with what you said about the green speed between the 2 tournaments. Maybe I should have said that at the beginning of each day the greens have the same speed.

        If you remember in the President Cup, the greens were very brown. This was due to the hot days and the northerly winds that dries everything out on any golf course in that area. Where with the Aust. Womens Open, the greens were very green, the temps were cool with rain on a daily basis. This would effect the green speed.

        On the east coast from Queensland all the way down to Victoria (Melbourne), there has been substantial amounts of rain which in turn caused flooding. This has occurred since summer began, and we are still waiting for summer to come.

  3. Dazed but not Confused says:

    Hailing from Adelaide…Jane Crafter’s late father was a renowned TV golf personality…so commentating is in Jane’s gene pool. In my humble opinion, her work rivals Judy Rankin, as the best in the Biz.

    The consummate professional while playing, Jane was well liked and respected by her peers. Despite being short off the tee, she enjoyed success on the LPGA due in part to her stellar short game…which included being one of the best putters to come down the pike.

    Kudo’s to Ms. Crafty!

  4. PhilM@11 says:

    I’ve never understood why volunteers have to buy a volunteer “package”.

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