The Real Deal

You know the adage "You get what you pay for". Well, every once in awhile you get more than you pay for. This is the case of a purchase I made back in December. Is was a pillow from Yeah, a friggin’ pillow. Let me explain.

It seems like I’ve had trouble sleeping forever and anything that would help would be worth my attention. I had seen parts of their infomercial on the tube and immediately dismissed it. Figured it was in the same class as the Ginsu Knives, Slap Chop and all the other As Seen On TV, $19.95 so called miracle products but something changed my mind. It was a personal testimonial by New York radio talk show host Don Imus.

I try to catch the Imus show in the a.m. and find it funny and informative. He started doing commercials for mypillow but when the allotted, paid-for time ran its course, he continued raving about the product. We all know (or at least we should) testimonials aren’t worth much but due to his passionate oratory, I thought it deserved closer scrutiny. So I went to their website to see what the deal was.

First of all, the inventor of mypillow does the presentation and if sales depended upon him smooth-talking you into a purchase, they wouldn’t sell a one. He’s not a professional pitchman by any stretch of the imagination. Just an ordinary joe, stumbling through his spiel about something he believes in. After viewing all the video and perusing as much as I could, I decided to order one. BTW, mypillow seems to be touted as a cure for everything from snoring to gonorrhea (well, that’s stretching it a little) but it’s pretty close and you have to get passed that. Let me tell you though, the 60 day money back policy and free exchanges if you don’t get the correct fit (there are five different sizes depending on the amount of filling used or they’ll custom make one for you) was the clincher.

The big surprise was the cost. This thing ain’t cheap! No $19.95 and we’ll-send-you-a-second-one-just-pay-for-the-shipping-and-handling offer here but after going to their Facebook page, I found that if I used "facebook" for a discount code, there was a 25% savings. Shipping is extra though but is refundable if you return it.

Now it was time to order. I didn’t know which size so get so I opted for the one designed for most men. Wrong! After using it for about a week, it just seemed too thick for me. A quick call to mypillow had the next thinner model in the mail the same day. When it arrived, I sent back the original on their dime, which is nice.

I’ve used it for a couple of months now and believe it or not, the hype was real. I now sleep better than I have in a long time. Longer and deeper. You have to check their website for the science behind it (if there is any) but I could care less why it works, it just does and no, it’s not the placebo effect. 

The bottom line: It’s well worth the money and more. If it ever disappears. I’ll buy another in a heartbeat.

Then there was this:

For $8000, Natalie Gulbis will let you carry her golf bag

Aussie’s tough job to defend NZ golf title

U.S. Venture Open to host Jack Nicklaus; Nancy Lopez will return


26 Responses to The Real Deal

  1. Mike TROUBLEFIELD says:

    You get what you pay for is right Larry. I opted to eat a cheap meal at a foodcourt in Thailand at a mall none the less.. That was my first mistake. This place is clean and neat, so I thought. May I say it was a tough walk in Pattaya because of the weather, it was hot. Even grizzled tour veterean caddies said this is as hot as it’s ever been on a course to him. To fight a bout of food poisioning and go back on course for the second round with no food and a bad stomach, priceless. Man down, that was my call on the tenth tee as I made the turn. Doug came out to give me a ride in, as we were leaving he got a call for a ruling. So I had to ride with a volunteer who bought out my replacement.

    I did not go down physically, if I would have continued to work I would have. I called out to the scorer to get help. I wasn’t spinning in a circle or walking backwards but it was bad. After going to the IMG hospital facility on site, I was given enough pills and powders to block The Hoover Dam,so I thought. I will not be able to work the third round I need rest and time to recupriate. I haven’t been able to eat all day, only a little bread and a few bananas. I’ve had street food all over Mexico and the south west part of America. I love the roach coaches as they call them in New Jersey. A sonorean hot dog would be great about now, I could even go with a bean burrito like the one’s I have when I travel to Tucson on the train after Q school Florida, in a small town San Angelo,Tx. The Pattaya Purge is far more worst than The Montezuma of Mexico.

    What I really want is a cheeseburger, a MacDonalds or a Burger King cheeseburger.Cheeseburger Chad you are right, sometimes a $40.00 cab ride is worth it to keep from going down. I always said when I go down that would be it. I don’t consider this going down. When the hills and the heat get to be to much and I go down, I will be done. I’ve just gotten over jet lag from my world travels, now I got food poisioning more than likely dehydration. I am now in my room in Thailand drinking fluids and moaning. Hopefully I can go Sunday or next week in Singapore. One thing for sure i will be eating alot of cheeseburgers. So you can stick the fork in me, I’m not done. There’s a little blood left. I’m probably done for this week but not done, done. Maybe tomorrow night I can have a nice meal of cheeseburgers with Chad. But I’m not done. Excuse me i got to runs.

    • lifeontour says:

      I feel for you Mike. Never had it that bad but know of others who had. You need to trade mark The Pattaya Purge. 🙂 When you get back to the states, drop by an In-N-Out and leave the Pepto behind. Hope to see you out west. Take care.

    • Cougar says:

      Mike, sorry to hear of your plight. Take care and get ready for next week. I will see you at La Costa.

    • mike says:

      Looks lke we have a man down, and a player looking for a new caddie! DId he eat at the new mall in Pattaya? Where thousands of people a day eat? I know it’s hot but how many other caddies went down? Mike is one of the biggest caddies on tour, could that have had something to do with it? This will probably be the last time someone brings him to Asia. What a way to ruin a trip to Thailand, but really unfair to the player who’s caddie couldn’t finish th tournament!

      • lifeontour says:

        I think Mike will still be on the bag. They make a good team. Just the wrong food at the wrong time. I remember the first time we all went to Mexico City. Players were barfing on the range. Don’t think any loopers quit cause their player got sick. Stuff happens. Of course, I was fired once when my back went out and couldn’t finish the event. The there was the time a caddie fell off the back of a golf cart while being transported from the ninth green to the tenth tee in Myrtle Beach. He cracked his head, was in hospital for a couple days and then got fired. Upon further reflection, you may have something there mike. 🙂

    • mike says:

      the way paige played overseas( $7000 for 3 tournaments) I am sure it cost her almost that much for Mike to lay around in Thailand! The round that Mike quit on she had a 79! and after she got a new caddie, sh had her 2 best rounds of the entire trip! I would say she is pissed after missing a cut, then finishing 66th out of 70, then 56th out of 60.

      • mike says:

        And Larry you said they make a good team? She has made as much money in a 6 year career as Ai Miyazato won in one tournament last year! Is she happy with that? Is Mike happy with that? If she played 18 tournaments and paid her caddie $1000 a tourney, and lets say she gave him 10% on top, that would = to about $38000 for the caddie minus all his expenses and TAXES! How can an LPGA caddie that is never gonna get a big pay day possibly save the money to retire? Is there a caddie pension, or a fund I don’t know about?

      • lifeontour says:

        Amazing how everything comes down to money in your world. That is not the sole measure of one’s value. There are many more factors that determine a player’s performance. How about the player themselves? Some players who can win with a pull cart and others who couldn’t find the next tee without a caddie. This is not meant to put Paige in either category but comparing her to Ai is ludicrous on it’s face. They exist on a dissimilar plain of development.

      • lifeontour says:

        Mike quit? How obtuse can you get? Do you equate food poisoning with having the sniffles? Working in oppressively hot conditions while dehydrated is life threatening. If his personal bravado had overcome his sensibilities he might have died. Wake up!

  2. Ozz says:

    Unfortunately Mike, you’re not the first and won’t be the last. I’m interested to know if the food court was busy or not. Normally the number of people give good indication, say not many at the food place you went to, compared to another where you need to line up.

    Wish you a speedy recovery and enjoy those cheese burgers, when you can.

    • Mike TROUBLEFIELD says:

      It was a busy food court. That is the first thing I look for. Now as far as the stall I went to it was busy also. I went back today and pointed to item I ate and gave the Pattaya Purge sign. I didn’t wait for their response, I turned around and left.

  3. Fred says:

    I have a quick question for Tommy G.
    What course or driving range do you
    teach at in Florida?


  4. Tommy G says:

    I teach at the Fort Walton Beach Munipal Golf Course.
    Its in the Panhandle close to Destin Fl

  5. Tommy G, are you related to Kenny G…he big favorite here in asia. What is munipal? sound like what mike got in thailand, my home country.

    • Dazed but not Confused says:

      Your name (asianjackiechan) is either redundant or an example of tautology. Jackie Chan IS Asian…duh!

      Are you sure you are not “anglojackiechan”???

      A “munipal” is a man another man meets in a park (for a tryst) There is nothing wrong with this (of course). I believe that Kenny G recently disclosed he had a “minipal” which caused his wife to instigate divorce proceedings…( i say again) duh!

  6. thank you for claryifying mr dazed and confused..we don’t have many munipal courses here in my country…jackie chan by the way is half puerto rican according to wiki…what is duh mean,,it mean I stupid in my u mean you are stupid by repeating it san.

  7. thatsa why I love this rifeontour site..very funny..hahaha…u must be a red zepperin fan..

  8. Mike Troublefield says:

    When I was a younger man I used to go the municipal park almost everyday with the boys. From the age of 12 to about 26, I was there to play basketball. I knew I was going to turn pro, atleast in my mind. I didn’t know about golf at the time. When I did become familiar with golf it helped me in my life. I’ve seen and been in fights behind bad calls on the court. Alot of ignorance and so called disrespect of manhood was involved. I’ve been called all kind of names. I am blessed to be in the position in life I am at now. If God gives life and I am able to come to Thailand next year Asianjackiechan maybe we can go find a municipal park and maybe find some Thai youth and teach them fundamental basketball skills. Maybe after that we can take them out to dinner and talk positive to them like Cotton and Mike Fratello used to do with the youth in Hackensack, New Jersey.I didn’t know it at the time but a few of those kids would join us because that was there only chance of eating dinner that nite. If you don’t know Mike Fratello AJC he is a sports announcer on tv with basketball,pro ball. Ben Cotton was a hustler from the same hood I grew up in. He did his dirt but still had time for the young men in the neighborhood. He wanted to make sure that we had a chance to do better than what was going to happen if we got caught up in the life on the street. I got tied up and untied myself. This is the reason I am able to write and express myself on this website. So far I stayed out of jail, got myself off drugs with help. I have beat the evils of hard drink and hard times. Have a good day AJC keep reading my stuff and if you get a chance help someone out. Even if it means telling them to get spell check. If you want to you can ask Larry if he can let you help me with run on sentences and paragraph structure. Or you can continue your life it will be fine.

  9. Tommy G says:

    Way to go Mike!!!

  10. Bruno Baci says:

    You’re a good man!!

  11. mike fratello, he man with bad rug on head right? Jeremy Lin is new hero in asia and world now…maybe lpga could mate Michelle Wie with Lin and have large asian child to play basketball and help asia dominate that sport too….we don’t have spellchek here, still have windows 1…so sorrry san..have to go plug in my juicer now, limited power.have to make jack Lalane protein shake for dinner.

    • Dazed but not Confused says:

      Lin is Taiwanese and Wie is Korean.
      Big Difference
      Shameful union
      Even if Jeremy has learned to go strong to the rim with his left hand…I don’t think Michelle’s parental units would approve.
      (as I have heard you say many time…”All Asian not same”)

      We might get a pool together to buy Tommy G “spell-check”
      Larry could help with installation

      CountryClub…can you go with YOUR off hand?

  12. jrboca says:

    Scouting report on mike was only plays with back to basket, can’t go to his left and that both of his hands are “off”…but he could still start for Charlotte….lol..get better Mike

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