Off My Keister

Worked a threesome yesterday along with the assistant pro as good will ambassador. They were some media guys who write for various golf and travel publications and were checking-out Fallen Oak. Over three inches of rain on Saturday kept the carts off the fairways so I got in plenty of exercise. The course has a sand base but was still overwhelmed from the deluge. It sure helped that I’ve been walking five miles a day and keeping up with my exercise bands routine and stomach crunches but it still took a toll.

On the very first hole, the creek on the port side found a couple tee balls. One of the guys went pellet hunting and found nine. It was like hitting a slot jackpot on your first coin. Think he only lost one or two before we finished.

We found the bunkers washed out but only in the fairways. Most of the green-side had been taken care of by the ultra-efficient maintenance crew. All three guests raved about the course. Getting ready for the annual visit by the Champions Tour in March sure doesn’t hurt. Completion of the infrastructure is ongoing. The trailers have arrived and bleachers are going up.

One gentleman was from Ottawa and covered the last two LPGA events there. Another was at last season’s Arkansas stop and said he had a great sit-down with Yani. I probably passed him in the clubhouse a few times. He was the lifeblood of the group, peppering us with nonstop chatter, and seemed to really enjoy the experience. We exchanged info afterward and he gave me his business card. I immediately recognized the picture of the resort upon it. It was Turtle Bay. I’m sure we’ll meet again in Razorback country. Here’s his website.

Overall it was a good day. It got me off my butt and back on the green, green grass of home. Hey, it’s only a euphemism. For proof of my recent buttocks-flattening position, check out the backside of my drawers and no, it isn’t from corrosive flatulence.

holy sweatpant

Skid Mark Free

Then there was this:

Spitting mad: Golf star’s antics spark Twitter campaign

Hickory Golf Championship Is Played With Wooden Clubs

Michelle Wie hopes for game boost from gluten-free diet – We all know it’s not the gluten she needs to rid herself of. Winking smile


2 Responses to Off My Keister

  1. Chris says:

    did you see this:

    “To the embarrassment of dozens of men, women and children gathered around the tee-box at the Tanah Merah Country Club, Wie slammed her hybrid club into the ground after watching the shot veer way right. She then screamed out a four-letter expletive.

    As she strode off the tee ahead of her playing partners Christina Kim and Singaporean Koh Sock Hwee, barely under her breath Wie muttered ‘f ___ing idiot’.”

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