Newbie Bag Toter Alert

A new rule on the LPGA Symetra Tour nixes golf carts for players. They used to be assigned to each group for club transport but no longer. Players now have to either take a pull cart, hire a caddie or tote the sticks themselves. I’m assuming these would be volunteer positions but not sure. It’s been suggested that putting the kibosh on the cost of renting the extra carts is the reason.

So if you have a pocket full of traveling money, a predilection for chasing pellets and skirts (figuratively speaking) and wish to see the USA in your Chevrolet – or any other road chariot in your stable – you may wish to give looping the Symetra Tour a go. Even if you can’t do the full circuit an event in your neighborhood may suffice.

Fat Tuesday is in the can and Lent is upon us. It’s a  Christian observance of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday and a time of sacrifice and penitence for many. Even if you’re not of that specific religious persuasion, forgoing one of life’s little pleasures for the the enrichment of one’s soul is not a bad thing at all. Something to think about.

Just wondering: Does anyone use those electronic cigarettes? I don’t smoke myself but curious if it helped you kick the habit.

Then there was this:

Fairway Solitaire provides new twist on golf and solitaire card games

LPGA legends return for Fresh and Easy pro-am


6 Responses to Newbie Bag Toter Alert

  1. Chris says:

    Interesting rule change on the Symetra tour. I had this volunteer position at the event in Richmond and you are correct it was a volunteer driven cart; usually the scorer that went with the group. The players had the option of putting their clubs and other assorted items on/in the cart with the driver. Never saw any pull carts last year, but saw players carrying their own bags, players with caddies, up to all three players putting the bag on the cart. If there were three on the cart, the last one to the tee area ended up with the bag next to the cart driver.

  2. About the electronic cigarettes, I don’t have personal knowledge of them having put down my packs in Jan of 1989 but just happened to talk to a friend over the weekend on the Outer Banks who uses them. He is not using them to help stop. He uses them instead. Says he does not get the harmful stuff from them and the cost is way below the cost of the real thing even here in NC where the tax is not what it is other places. Also he can smoke in the Black Pelican where those that smoke the real thing, have to go outside in wind, rain, etc and smoke on the outside. Thank goodness I gave them up before they got so expensive and befire they killed me. Guess I’ll die of something else. Won’t we all?

  3. Frank Michaels says:

    They suck. I quit 8 years ago ( 2 1/2 packs a day) and tried a demo at the mall just for grins. As a die-hard 34 year smoker, even after being off the cigs for so long, these electronic things were a dud. Sort of like a Lovely LInda Doll. There is no substitute for the real thing.

  4. we have lotsa Linda dolls over here in asia, most play golf and kick giant butts on lpga tour…!!

  5. Frank Michaels says:

    STOP, asianjack…I have a weakness for Asian women…~~!!

  6. so sorry mr frank..maybe you sucka on tooo many cigs in your rifetime,,,go to your brain or whatsa left of it…come to asia I hook you up with future lpga dolls..or try craigslist.hahaha..u americans so funny

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