Sebaceous Scent

se·ba·ceous (s-bshs) adj. – Containing an unusual amount of grease or oil.

I mentioned taking-in Actor of Valor yesterday but forgot to add my observation of the couple right in front of me . It wasn’t that the guy was wearing a cowboy hat or using his cell during the movie and his spouse didn’t have a Marge Simpson copycat coif to block the view but she did put a burr in my saddle by her choice of the pseudo-nutrition snack she wished to devour while watching the show.

Like most modern venues, the Cinemark Theater – right down the road – offers a variety of goodies to satisfy any palate but the days of popcorn, Milk Duds and Ju Ju Beads are well behind us unfortunately. Now, a full menu of over-priced snacks are on tap but, I digress.

To make a short story longer, just as the main feature began, the Mrs. returned with a drink and order of fries. Please! I like fries as much as the next guy but for some reason the aroma of grease-soaked spuds at that particular moment didn’t sit well. It was all I could do to keep from losing my two-hard-boiled-egg breakfast right there. I know. Just move you say. But I had the perfect seat say I. It was dead smack in the middle and the movie had begun. Why should I be the one to uproot and seek a more pleasing odoriferous pasture? I refused. So sit there I did, hoping for a change in the flight pattern of the offending molecules or the need to quell a voracious appetite of the Mrs. by gobbling up every last morsel without taking time to chew. Whichever it was, my wishes were fulfilled in short order and I was able to enjoy the flick without further bother.

Please excuse the triviality of this post. I had the urge to communicate my annoyance. Have a great day.

Then there was this:

Olympics-Mexican golfer Ochoa keen for part at 2016 Rio Games

FAU coach Joan Joyce headed into another Hall of Fame

I remember her well. The player/caddie softball games were quite a treat when she was on the mound.

Joan also had a predilection of being a tad errant off the tee and I recall Rick, her caddie at the time, charting yardages to the green from places far and wide. He new her tendencies and was prepared for any situation. Sometimes you have to put in the extra mile.

Florida’s Natural Sets Schedule; Asks for Volunteers

LGU blasted by Matthew over Hull

Honda Classic hosts event hoping to lure more women to the links

Tiger Woods nearly gave up golf to become a Navy Seal, says ex-coach – That would have been the sports story of the century.

Woods’ agent rips ex-coach’s book

Man Bursts Into Flames After Accidentally Drinking Gasoline, Lighting Cigarette – A Darwin Award candidate for sure.


One Response to Sebaceous Scent

  1. Cougar says:

    Nothing is too trivial. It is your blog, and you should post whatever you like. Nice tidbit!

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