Missed It

Belated congratulations to Jill McGill (another former boss) and hubby Patrick on the birth of their baby girl Bella, way back on Feb. 11th.

Then there was this:

Patty Sheehan & Friends Pro-AM Announces 2012 Date

Future of golf TV may be on display this weekend

Taylor Swift sends Jessica Korda flowers

Slow golfers to receive yellow cards"… Some of them pretend not to have heard what tour officials said to them during a round about slow play." – Imagine that.

Casie Cathrea, Bay Area Jr. golf standout, wins chance at Kia Classic entry

6 Responses to Missed It

  1. Cougar says:

    Casie has already played in two LPGA tournaments on sponsor exemptions. She had a hole-in-one at Blackhawk during the CVS, and also played in Mobile at the Avnet.

  2. J Wake says:

    Great idea issuing yellow and/or red cards. It would clearly state you need to get your aSS into gear and hurry it up. These longer and longer rounds are ridiculous!

  3. Ozz says:

    They should have to display the Yellow/Red cards on the bag, so everyone can see who the slow players are. Embarrassing someone is the best way to get things moving…..

  4. Rarrry, seems like many yur old bosses are pregnant and have quit golf…any correlation? blood tests?

  5. Tiny Johnson says:

    The problem with the yellow card is someone has to roll around on the ground in agony for an extra 10 minutes before resuming play, and we all know that the CADDY will be that person…
    For me, I want to see TUBE TOP TUESDAYS installed at every event, then who cares if they play slow or not…
    Go Tube tops!!!!! 🙂

  6. christina kim would love tube top tuesdays..would u?

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