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March 4, 2012

Yesterday, I snagged one of the last foursomes on the tee sheet. One guy belongs to a club in Tennessee who has a former LPGA Tour player instructing the finer points of the game. It was Suzanne Strudwick. He also knew Ashli Bunch.

The cold front that brought havoc to a large part of the country came through as we played. The temperature dropped, the wind picked up and we even had a brief shower. This was a drastic change from the previous day which caught our best player by surprise. He had no outerwear what so ever. I on the other hand looked up the forecast earlier and was covered head to toe with waterproofs.

As we approached the sixteenth green, three wild turkey hens blocked our way. Startled, they took off like a trio of F-16s on a sortie. This brought puzzlement to the group as none of them thought turkeys could fly. One even said they may have been a type of buzzard. To settle the question, John used his iPhone and asked, "Siri, can turkeys fly?" The answer was "Yes". Is Siri becoming the definitive arbiter? Of course I Googled it later and found that reports of 55 mph bursts have been estimated. BTW wild turkeys roost in trees so they have to get there somehow.

The beverage cart girl’s Lexus had a tire going flat so one of the guys working the cart barn offered to repair it if possible. A three inch nail was extracted from the left rear and the hole repaired with a tire plug. This was only temporary as the tread was down to the wear bars and the tires needed replacing anyway. They were those low profile types, 245/40 R19 W and out of curiosity, I looked them up. They start at $300 per and escalate from there. Yikes! Maintaining her ride might not be on the top of her to do list as we found out. The battery was dead and had to be jumped. At the end of the day, jumper cables were in need once more. She was lucky to find someone who had them.

The devastation wrought by the latest spate of tornados is truly saddening. One thing not on my bucket list is having to endure such horror.

Then there was this:

Juli Inkster aims for late-summer return to LPGA tour

LPGA Head Promotes Change on Symetra Tour

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