Howdy Pardner!

All the way to Ft. Stockton TX is what drove. Left at 5:30 am and arrived sixteen hours later. Over 900 miles! Hey, I can go.

Some of the finest rest areas are found in the Lone Star State but even they are feeling the financial pinch. Usually staffed with helpful folk willing to give advice on places to visit or make a motel reservation for you, they were sadly empty. Now just another place to relieve yourself and keep moving.

I love my GPS but there’s still room for an atlas in my travel bag. There was a major snafu on I-10 in Louisiana starting around mile marker 90. Instead of waiting it out and slug along, I checked my map for a parallel route. Found State Rte. 90 just south of me and got off on exit 82. Took that all the way to Lake Charles. Found out later that is was a 3 1/2 hour logjam. Whew! Dodged a big one there.

Heavy rain was forecast but it never happened. Just a few showers but the temperature dropped like a rock eventually. It was 34° at the end of my journey in Ft. Stockton.

The first and only order of business was to find a decent place to hand my head and not get hosed in the process. I tried a Motel 6 way back in Junction but they wanted $60 friggin’ dollars so I kept going. As I drove down motel row in Ft. Stockton one of the first establishments that looked decent was The Budget Inn. I stayed there before and found it ok but for some reason passed it by. Then I came to my senses and double backed. It was fairly well occupied which is always a good sign.

As soon as I opened the office door, the pungent aroma of curry almost knocked me over but I knew I was home. The only thing remaining to deal with was the cost of my stay. Upon asking, Apoo’s offer was $45 plus tax. I counter offered $40 even. He jumped at it.

The room was great. A double with fridge, flat screen, wi-fi and comfy bed. It was great to find a  bargain after such a long day.

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