I Have Arrived

March 10, 2012

Tucson was my next stop. An easy jaunt compared to the first day and for the upteenth time, I drove by The Thing without stopping. It has been a main attraction (at least according to the omnipresent billboards dotting the landscape), standing off exit 332 on I-10 in Arizona, for quite some time. I’ve always been tempted to visit but never pulled off. Maybe on my way back. I read that admission is only a buck so why not?

For some reason the desert landscape really suits my persona. At one time, I was a hair away form settling in Tucson but due to a very weird turn of events (literally in minutes) I was rebuffed. Could have been my guardian angel pulling me back from the abyss.

Motorcycle finally caught up to me this morning in Tucson. We were supposed to meet for lunch then caravan to Phoenix but he couldn’t exit due to the traffic. Blew right by and didn’t see him until our final destination. He should be given a gold star for battling wind, rain and even snow in his quest to deliver his cargo. A real road warrior he is.

Started out this morning with the smoothest shave ever using my Norelco. I then realized the plastic cover was still on the blades. D’oh!

Speaking of plastic covers, I purchased and installed a set of windshield wiper blades from Sam’s Club once which came with similar protection. Not aware of the wiper’s built-in prophylactic, I brought out the tech to show him something was wrong as the widows were all smeared. After a quick look, he pulled off the plastic. Said he did the same thing the first time he installed them. Think he was trying to make me feel less of an ass. Double d’oh!

I updated the map (free for life) and software on my Tom Tom 340TM a couple weeks ago and this is the first time I really needed to use it. Wow! Don’t know what they did but it looks much better and they must have added new features. Very impressed.

Anyone thinking on getting the new iPad? Think it will be all look and no buy for me unless that Lotto ticket hits.

Then there was this:

LPGA golfer busted for DUI with Eddie George in her car

Trump plans to inject $200 million in Doral

Young area golfer gets invite to LPGA Futures event

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