Founders Cup – Monday

March 12, 2012

Worked for Ashley Tait in the qualifier. Her caddie canceled at the last minute and I got the call through the caddie network last night. It wasn’t’ a good day. Shot 78 I think.

The toughest hole here is the eighth. A dry hazard on the right can gobble up your tee ball and a wet one by the green can do the same. This hole ripped our group a new one. Carded the triple-double.

Do you believe in fate? I may start after the pairing I had today. Caddies Jeff Steffler and Rick "The Nerd" rounded off our threesome. On top of that, Rick worked for the boss I had last year, Moira Dunn.

Jeff worked for Kendall Dye. Going down ten, they polished-off what was remaining of a pack of Mentos. That’s the candy that produces quite a reaction when mixed with Diet Coke. This gave me a great idea for a new product. If you could combine Mentos with Viagra … well, you get the idea. The tag line could be "Put A Geyser In Your Pants".

See what I mean.

Staying at the Studio 6 in Deer Valley. It’s ok but the internet is molasses-in-winter slow especially when the snowbirds get home in the evening and download reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show. I had a wired connection in Gulfport that rocked! Miss it badly.

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