Founders Cup Tuesday – Shutout

March 13, 2012

No work for five of us. Stayed til two and as I was walking out, Moira asked if I was willing to do nine holes. That was an easy decision. Teed off the front and eventually caught Katie Futcher and played in with her.

While we were playing, Moira made a good point about the field being shortened to 132. We always played in Phoenix around the same time with a full field of 144 in the past so what is different now? Slow play was her determination. Rounds used to take around four hours twenty but now five is the average. For that reason, twelve people who should be playing can’t. Given the short season, that’s just one less opportunity to make a check. The sad part is, there is no solution in sight.

Many former LPGA players live in the area and a few showed at the course today. Robin Walton, Amy Fruhwirth and Jody Anschutz stopped by the caddie tent to say hello.

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