Founders Cup Tuesday – Shutout

No work for five of us. Stayed til two and as I was walking out, Moira asked if I was willing to do nine holes. That was an easy decision. Teed off the front and eventually caught Katie Futcher and played in with her.

While we were playing, Moira made a good point about the field being shortened to 132. We always played in Phoenix around the same time with a full field of 144 in the past so what is different now? Slow play was her determination. Rounds used to take around four hours twenty but now five is the average. For that reason, twelve people who should be playing can’t. Given the short season, that’s just one less opportunity to make a check. The sad part is, there is no solution in sight.

Many former LPGA players live in the area and a few showed at the course today. Robin Walton, Amy Fruhwirth and Jody Anschutz stopped by the caddie tent to say hello.


13 Responses to Founders Cup Tuesday – Shutout

  1. Dave Andrews says:

    I was trying to figure out why the field was only 132. Slow play on the pro tours is getting absurd. If they start handing out some penalties it would speed things up. I also heard that there is not a two-day cut in this event. Is that true?

    • lifeontour says:

      Everyone plays slow. Who ya going to penalize? There is a cut as usual to 70 and ties. Some news stories said there wasn’t but they were wrong.

  2. Dave Andrews says:

    It would be easy enough to put pairings on a clock, begining with the first groups out. Heck, give the dew sweepers 4:50 (2:25 for 9 holes) to finish with nobody in front of them and work back from there. It’s also easy to find out which groups are causing undue backups with slow play.
    On the Futures Tour they are very good about keeping the rounds to 4:30-4:45 or so because officials stay on top of the slow groups with warnings and the threat of penalty strokes.
    Threesomes should never need more than five hours to play 18 holes.

  3. bocajr says:

    Dave, the futures tour has used carts in the past therefore faster rounds. The lpga has a time chart for each group but if the first group plays in 2:24 that means the groups behind them will only get slower as the day progresses. Having an official time a group is usually useless as the players speed up for a short period of time and then go back to the snails pace once they leave. There are very few penalty strokes for slow play each year and the fine for over 7 timings per year is hard to achieve with the lack of events and rounds played in full field events. Fact is, players aren’t ready to play when its their turn, and some of that is the caddies fault as well, can’t tell your player to speed up and then risk being fired by the parents.

  4. Tommy G says:

    What official was replaced and why



  5. Ozz says:

    Weren’t they going to introduce a colour coded penalty card system for slow play!

    2hrs 25min for the first group is way too slow. Previously, first groups would be waiting to make the turn as the final group(s) were teeing off in the morning wave. I guess that does not happen anymore(:

  6. bocajr says:

    ozz, don’t know where u saw anything about color coded penalty on lpga. They use that on the ajga tour( amateurs)…the lpga uses 4:48 as there time chart, and the first group is lucky to beat that. Too many players( nationality not mentioned) just stand there and wait for the caddie to give them info before any decisions are made, therefore slow play..period..can’t be changed as all you have to do is speed up for the 1 or 2 holes they time you and then retreat to snails pace.

    • Ozz says:

      Boca, it was a link in Larry’s first post for March ’12, but related to the Japanese LPGA will introduce the colour card system for slow play.

      I know there were some comments made in the blog which I had made a comment. But I had a senior moment and forgot it was the Japanese LPGA not US LPGA when posted the above comment..

  7. bocajr says:

    Ozz, the old days of throwing up grass and saying it plays half a club uphill are way gone. Now its do the yardage, subtract or add the up or downhill, throw in the wind and then figure how far you want to carry it so it releases to the pin…ouch

    • Ozz says:

      To replace the throwing up of grass, maybe feed the player the grass and let them graze whilst the caddie get’s and feed them the yardage information.

  8. Niel says:

    How about something the following: An undercover official sits in one place all day on the front nine, perhaps where they can see an approach area, a green, and a tee box. If an individual player goes beyond the 45 second rule (I think that’s what it is for the PGA — I don’t know about the LPGA), they are told before their tee shot on 10 to add strokes. If they get penalized two out of any three consecutive tournaments, they then get watched the same way on the back nine somewhere and may have to add strokes after their round. If they continue, penalty strokes increase. And for the final round, something changes so someone doesn’t get to the 18th tee without already knowing their standing (in order to prevent a TV catastrophe of a winning putt not being a winning putt).

    • lifeontour says:

      Can’t work that way. If the group is not out of position, they can take all the time they wish. Read the Slow Play Rule under Tour Stuff on my home page. It’ll make your head spin.

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