Founders Cup – Wednesday

March 14, 2012

Forecaddied for a VIP group in the afternoon wave of the pro-am along with another guy. Not much cash but it was something to do.

Serendipitous might be the way to describe the pairing I had in the qualifier but today was just freaky. Mindy Hospenthal, a Sales Rep. for Ping, was one of the players in my group but one look told me I’ve seen her before. She felt the same way and the reason why gave me goose bumps. Way back in the year of our Lord, 1986, she caddie all summer for Alice Miller. Then she was known as Mindy Bono. A small world indeed.

Chalk-up another satisfied customer for mypillow. After giving it a hearty endorsement awhile back, a buddy of mine, who shall remain nameless (Chuck the volunteer), took my advice, bought one and agrees with me totally. Well worth the price of admission.

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