Founders Cup – Saturday

Went to the course and watched the lead group tee off. About 200 spectators joined me. Hung around til lunch then hit the road.

Scores were still low today as the strong winds had not arrived. Tomorrow may be a different story.

Heading to Carlsbad in the early morn and will meet up with Katy Harris at the course. She’s my qualifier bag for Monday. Katy played a very wet practice round there today. Getting to La Costa may be problematic. A winter storm warning has been issued for the southern part of California above 2000 feet. No way to get around that.

One Response to Founders Cup – Saturday

  1. rich (arizona) says:

    I went out and watched the tourney last year but unfortunately (work reasons) I had to move back east and couldn’t make it this year. I miss AZ (lived there 10 of the last 12 yrs although I’m a MD native). The JW resort was very nice.

    It is the usual names at the top of the leader board, none of which brings much interest from most people here in the US. I use to DVR and watch most tournaments but my interest certainly has dropped this year. I have more interest in seeing Natalie’s painted swimsuit photos in SI than the LPGA. (Yeah, I know that is sad.)

    Seems like ever sense Paula Creamer won the US Open her game has slipped. Almost as if she achieve her main goal and is missing that edge. Since she seems very competitive I don’t think that is true but it just seems that way. At least she looks like she is excellent shape.

    Gotta love that lpga web site. Every time I click on something it is opening a new web page. Sometimes that can be useful but not in this case.

    Good luck. Hope things work out for ya.

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