Kia Classic – Qualifier

March 19, 2012

Sunday: On was on the road by 5 am on Sunday and drove through a steady rain until the western outskirts of Phoenix where it stopped. Didn’t see another drop til Beaumont CA where snow covered the ground and was being pelted with sleet.

Approaching the Arizona/California state line, I passed a lady in the breakdown lane extracting something from her trunk in a bent over position. She sported a doublewide derriere, glad in black panty hose which accentuated a butt crack that could have spanned both borders. If I was in any danger of dosing off, that would have brought me back. Quite a sight indeed.

Met Katy at the course around noon for a practice round. The wind was howling and became stronger as we progressed. So much so, that we only chipped and putted on the second nine. I figured it was a four-clubber by the finish.

Monday: Cool but very little breeze made it tolerable. Shot too many and didn’t make it.

Kick me while I’m down why don’t you. My bag for next week fell through. She dropped on the course while playing overseas and is now in hospital.

Then there was this:

Paula Creamer happy with her new golf swing

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