Kia Classic – Tuesday

March 20, 2012

The annual caddie meeting with the Commissioner, regarding the state of the Tour, was held today. I didn’t go but I doubt he called for higher taxes and a universal healthcare program.

A caddie who had been banned from the Tour many, many years ago worked last week but was eventually found out. The ban was reinstated but he plans to appeal. It’s been so long, none of us seems to know the circumstances surrounding the original proscription.

The rumor mill: asianjackiechan (a frequent contributor in the comment section of this blog) heard that the Honda event – held in Thailand at the beginning of the season – is history due to last year’s Thais floods. The venerable auto maker suffered heavy losses to the deluge. Again, it’s only rumor and subject to refutation. In fact, that’s a year away so don’t give it another thought. At least they didn’t invest in a tax payer subsidized electric or did they?

Then there was this:

Murrieta’s Michaels on LPGA Tour, long after she outgrew figure skating

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