Kia Classic – Wednesday

Worked the pro-am though the "unconnected" Caddie Connection like last week. I’ll explain shortly.

It was a carbon copy of Phoenix with the pros only playing nine. We switch at the turn which gives the amateurs a chance to meet a different player and also gets more pros get to participate. We were first off with Michele Wie as our front nine partner and Sandra Gal the back. Also in the group was the President of Kia so I was on my best behavior. It was smooth sailing all day and our group was leading when the final pin was replaced.

Now, an accounting of today’s fiasco. FUBAR is the only way I can describe a very awkward situation regarding how the caddies were supposed to be paid. Through an email to all the regular Caddie Connection loopers, it was clear the amateurs were responsible for the caddie’s gratuity, which is their only form of remuneration, but the participants were originally told it was all part of the pro-am package. So upon finishing, we all stood around trying to determine what was what. A guy who seemed to be in charge got on the horn and after a few calls, got the word that ‘the LPGA had it covered’. HA! I knew you’d find a snowball in Hades before that happened. So more calls were made but nothing definitive seemed on the horizon. One of my guys was already in the clubhouse but the other wished to make sure I was taken care of. When there was still no answer, he paid me for both of them. It was truly classless the way that was handled.

Sandra Gal plays a little game with her pro-am group in order to get them not to leave putts short. If you do, a funny red hat she carries in her bag must be worn though the next hole. Well, the President was the first to qualify but never donned the shameful chapeau. Not sure if he even knew the ramifications when she explained the self-imposed rule. It wasn’t’ brought up again after that which was a very good decision on her part.

As I walked up to the putting green just before leaving, a skateboarding dog was giving quite an exhibition by his handlers. Back and forth he went, with one paw on the board until enough speed was attained. He then jumped on with all fours and weaved his way to the end of the run. I’m sure the highlights will be on Facebook or YouTube tonight.

For the second consecutive tournament, foul weather is expected on the weekend. Enough so that the up tee on the long par four ninth may be used.

Ever see a duck crap? It’s not a pretty sight, especially right in front of a Starbucks.

Spoof awards are presented to caddies for various reasons in the annual get-together during the HSBC event in Singapore. It’s all in good fun but can be embarrassing at times. One of the awards is the Caddie Who Suffered The Most or something to that affect. This year it was to go to Michelle’s looper but prior permission was asked so not to step on anyone’s toes. Well, that didn’t happen so Karrie Webb’s caddie took home the award once again.

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour ready to walk ‘longest mile’ in Carlsbad

One Response to Kia Classic – Wednesday

  1. Tommy G says:

    Just got My Pillow…I will keep you posted…
    Hang in there….Things have to get Better!!!

    All the Best

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