Kia Classic – Thursday

March 22, 2012

Plenty of drama to start the first round. Reilley Rankin was nowhere to be found minutes before her 8:15 tee time. Calls from her caddie were unanswered.  She finally got back to him and was on her way.  Luckily, Reilley was staying at the La Costa Resort and came running out, driver in hand, with a seconds to spare. Due to a ten minute delay off the tenth tee, she wasn’t DQ’d nor receive a two shot penalty. At the same time, first alternate Anna Grzebien arrived from the practice area expecting to play. Even from a distance away, I could see the disappoint on her face when she saw Reilley. Anna did get to play after all replacing Diana D’Alessio in the afternoon wave.

I watched Reilly tee off and she split the middle of the fairway but must have run into trouble. Scored a double bogey.

Tiffany Joh’s looper took ill yesterday along with Wendy Ward’s. Neither worked today.

Apologies go out to the Caddie Connection. Wasn’t their fault for the pro-am debacle after all I learned. The club itself was to blame.

I’m fast becoming a fan of Jack in the Box especially their breakfast menu which is available all day. The Hearty Bowl Breakfast is my favorite so far. I doubt if "Hearty" means heart healthy though. Eggs, cheese and tater-tots leave little room for blood platelets to maneuver.

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