Kia Classic – Saturday

March 24, 2012

Drove to Rancho Mirage yesterday and will be the guest of super-fan Dave for the first Major. The LPGA finally acknowledged his devotion to the tour and many years of tireless volunteerism, which has spanned the country, with a special access pass. Bravo to Mike Whan and staff. This week Dave is the Scoring Chairman at the Kia Classic.

Someone needs a timeout. At the end of play yesterday, two caddies were involved in a shouting match, apparently over something that happened on the course, which caused quite a stir. Enough so, that an official was called to douse them with cold water. No harm, no foul I think.

Had lunch with Mark Scott today and it was great to catch up. We’ll be together in a pro-am at Mission Hills tomorrow.

Thanks to Sherrie for posting the following on Facebook.

opportunist note


Then there was this:

Giving it back: Golf’s ‘Pink Panther’ invests in future stars

Founders Cup falls shy of attendance goal

Lindsey blasts back

Pat Bradley Joins LPGA Legends Event In Falmouth, Maine

Police: Thief hid $400 golf club in his pants – No, he was not happy to see you. Open-mouthed smile

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