Kia Classic – Saturday

Drove to Rancho Mirage yesterday and will be the guest of super-fan Dave for the first Major. The LPGA finally acknowledged his devotion to the tour and many years of tireless volunteerism, which has spanned the country, with a special access pass. Bravo to Mike Whan and staff. This week Dave is the Scoring Chairman at the Kia Classic.

Someone needs a timeout. At the end of play yesterday, two caddies were involved in a shouting match, apparently over something that happened on the course, which caused quite a stir. Enough so, that an official was called to douse them with cold water. No harm, no foul I think.

Had lunch with Mark Scott today and it was great to catch up. We’ll be together in a pro-am at Mission Hills tomorrow.

Thanks to Sherrie for posting the following on Facebook.

opportunist note


Then there was this:

Giving it back: Golf’s ‘Pink Panther’ invests in future stars

Founders Cup falls shy of attendance goal

Lindsey blasts back

Pat Bradley Joins LPGA Legends Event In Falmouth, Maine

Police: Thief hid $400 golf club in his pants – No, he was not happy to see you. Open-mouthed smile

2 Responses to Kia Classic – Saturday

  1. DaVinner says:

    Good for the LPGA for finally recognizing Dave’s devotion to the tour. When we “worked” the Kia Classic together last year, it was his 100th tour event ! It all started when he agreed to help with player transportation at the Office Depot Championship in 2001. He was hooked and has been a true devotee of the tour ever since, volunteering at events all over the country. The LPGA needs more Daves!!

  2. Barbara says:

    That was a funny post by Sherrie on FaceBook! I guess the Taiwanese and Korean golfers are the opportunists of the LPGA. While our girls were arguing over modeling shoots, bikini endorsements, and shopping sprees, the asian girls were winning golf tournaments!

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