Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Monday

March 26, 2012

A bunch of tour caddies looking for work this week. The two day pro-am will help quell costs for the stay though. Looks like the TV spots are filled. Too bad, heard they’re paying really good money.

Apologies go out to Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, the actual winner of yesterday’s Fresh & Easy Pro-Am. I must have blanked out so I gots to give Patricia her props. Rosie was second and JoAnne was third.

How important could saving just one shot during a tournament be? Not getting into the first Major of the year important. Hannah Yun, Sydnee Michaels and Stephanie Sherlock missed playing here by only $25! They had to finish in the top 80 on the money list.

The LPGA website has a new look. Into the 21st century they are.

Watched a little of Al Jazeera News on Free Speech TV. The propaganda is delivered in a marvelous fashion. Dareen the info-babe is smokin’! Has those Angelina Jolie lips.

Then there was this:

Arnold Palmer Hospitalized: Golf Icon Rushed To Local Hospital At

“Most Naked People Playing Golf” Record

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