Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Monday

A bunch of tour caddies looking for work this week. The two day pro-am will help quell costs for the stay though. Looks like the TV spots are filled. Too bad, heard they’re paying really good money.

Apologies go out to Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, the actual winner of yesterday’s Fresh & Easy Pro-Am. I must have blanked out so I gots to give Patricia her props. Rosie was second and JoAnne was third.

How important could saving just one shot during a tournament be? Not getting into the first Major of the year important. Hannah Yun, Sydnee Michaels and Stephanie Sherlock missed playing here by only $25! They had to finish in the top 80 on the money list.

The LPGA website has a new look. Into the 21st century they are.

Watched a little of Al Jazeera News on Free Speech TV. The propaganda is delivered in a marvelous fashion. Dareen the info-babe is smokin’! Has those Angelina Jolie lips.

Then there was this:

Arnold Palmer Hospitalized: Golf Icon Rushed To Local Hospital At

“Most Naked People Playing Golf” Record

5 Responses to Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Monday

  1. glounthaune says:

    Al Jazeera ? It’s illegal to watch that isn’t it,you should have called Homeland Security. I thought we bombed them out of existence in Baghdad and Kabul.

  2. DaVinner says:

    LPGA website must have leapfrogged into the 22nd century. All I get on is a blank screen now. Any thoughts, Larry? Might see you at Dave’s on Saturday.

    • Ozz says:

      If you used your Bookmark to access the new LPGA website, it won’t work, just tried it. You will need to manually access the website and save the link to your Bookmark and delete the previous link.

      I’m surprised they have used so much blue colour in the web page.

      • lifeontour says:

        An old bookmark would pull up a page not found notice not a black screen. keep trying is all I can say.

      • jrboca says:

        I’ve had no problem getting into the new LPGA site..are you guys using windows 1 or something? Its confusing but very

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