Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Tuesday

Worked for Nancy Scranton in the Fresh and Easy Kraft Foods Legacy Junior Challenge on the Palmer Course. One Legends pro teamed with a junior in a format encompassing three different competitions. There was low individual pro, low pro/junior best ball and low junior. The lowest junior was the most significant, winning a spot with the big girls in the first Major of the season. JoAnne Carner won the team, Betsy King the pro and low amateur went to Alison Lee with a score of 68.

Nancy was partnered with sixteen year old Alice Jeong. Completing our foursome was Patty Sheehan with her partner Andrea Lee who was the ripe old age of thirteen. Alice shot one over and Andrea a few more than that. Right from the start, you could tell this was something special. Tournament tension was in the air on the first tee and continued throughout the round. Enough so, that I was chastised on the first green by Alice for not cleaning her ball fast enough. Ouch!

Alice was very impressive. A big hitter with powerful legs and a pro swing. The ability to crank-out tape measure drives, hole after hole, earned her the moniker of "Big Al" from Patty.

Speaking of Patty, she was assigned a local looper from The Vintage Club who wasn’t up to her standards. In fact, he was driving her nuts. It’s not that he was a bad caddie, he just didn’t have any "pro" looper experience.The comment he uttered on the sixteenth green shows what I mean. After rinsing her approach and making a six footer for double, he said "You’ve been putting great all day Patty." which had Nancy and I wincing in anticipation of a "Go eff yourself!" reply but it never came. Now, if that would have been Lori Garbacz, it surely would have been a different story.

Coming down the back nine, it looked as if former rules official Angus McKenzie came out of retirement to torture us one more time with some truly wicked pin positions. Guess they wanted the girls to really earn it in the home stretch. 

Believe it or not, the Legends players were not allowed in player hospitality to grab a bite to eat. That was reserved for tournament entrants only. How sad is that? If they haven’t earned a nosh on the house, who has? Nancy brought in a sandwich and ate it in her car the other day.

Where’s the rough? What used to be the most penalizing part of this track is non-existent in some areas. The most obvious is the second shot landing area on the par five, signature 18th hole. Many a time players within wedge distance of the green had to pitch out due to a horrendous lie in the rough but not this year. Unless it’s infused with an agronomist’s version of Viagra and watered heavily, the make-or-break decision to muscle it out with butt-puckering hopes of it carrying the protective moat, won’t have to be considered.

At one time, the Pro-Am spanned both the Dinah and Palmer courses but no more. Just another sign of corporate belt-tightening. This made getting a loop more challenging but I heard all the guys I knew got out.

Just when I praised the new LPGA website, I pull up the pairings and they’re unreadable. Who’s the moron that thought white on yellow was a good combination?

Then there was this:

Storylines, players to watch at Nabisco

Michelle Wie: I Thought My Career was Over

Megan McChrystal wins Symetra Tour opener in Winter Haven

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5 Responses to Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Tuesday

  1. Awsi Dooger says:

    Yesterday when you praised the new format I ventured to the site and was disgusted at the ridiculous color scheme and elongated scroll required to check the full field and alternate list. Previously it was very basic black on white and easily readable in three tight alphabetical columns atop the page. Now it’s a jolting mixture of blues spotted with overly bright white, two long columns requiring a scroll instead of a quick glance.

    I decided not to comment here and disrupt the praise but now that you’ve mentioned the equally absurd pairings color scheme I’ll throw in my criticism.

    The remainder of the site may feature improvements but since at least 80% of my visits are centered on the field and pairings, my impression of the switch is negative and I’ll stay away more than previously.

    I’m dismayed websites don’t understand that simple color schemes work best.

  2. J. Bitterman says:

    A few observations were interesting this week.
    SO FAR…I have seen a Amature play 5 holes on the tournament course in a CART before a few people asked her if she was in the event. She replied YES! I am in the Pro-am and I am playing a practice round. Sheesh. People were afraid she was Mrs. Nabisco so I guess thats why she got so far. Next…
    The 2 some behind us on monday, (from what I gathered), the caddy didnt, or could not work the back 9 and the father wasnt going to carry the clubs so HE got a cart. He stayed outside the ropes with the bag, while the amature, (A real invitee), walked and (dad?) went back and forth with a handfull of clubs per shot. They were playing with a player from The European tour and she didnt really know the rules enough to comment, but did roll her eyes when I asked her about it. Next..
    I have heard/seen a player not participating in this event using the Facilities to practice and ALSO going inside with Parents to eat and drink. (Now maybe she is going to be a filler or something, I dont know), but when you dont let in the Legend players who have more than earned their rights and then dont check on a player not eligible for the event PLUS her parents, I have to believe the Mayans are spot on. It all comes crumbling down.. Its only Tuesday.

  3. Tommy G says:

    Mr. Betterman
    So nice to hear from you….Hope all is well in Rochester ….and points east and west

    Yours Truly

    Tomas G

  4. Ozz says:

    I’m using Internet Explorer 8 and the LPGA takes so long to load (73 sec) for the Home page. There can’t be any Blue left in the ocean as it’s all been used in the LPGA website.

    Larry, How long have they been using groups of 2 for the first 2 rounds for this Major. They must have heard you about the colour of the pairings, as it is now black on creme.

    Good luck to All this week.

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