Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Wednesday

Worked an e-nine for Karen Stupples then the afternoon pro-am for an amateur. My dogs are barkin’!

Sophie Gustafson won something that every woman secretly wishes for in yesterday’s pro-am. A hole in one on the fourteenth earned her a year’s supply of Oreo cookies.

Congratulations to Liselotte Neumann on becoming the Solheim Cup Captain for the Euro squad in 2013. Her long time caddie Mark Scott will accompany Lotta as a team adjutant.

Gary Lukash (aka Hound Dog) stopped by for dinner on his way to set of the next Nationwide event in Soboba Springs. Great to touch base and have a few laughs with the boys.

Then there was this:

Golf Channel announces three-year TV rights extension to Kraft Nabisco

Masters’ green jacket has nothing on Alcott’s Poppie’s Pond plunge


3 Responses to Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Wednesday

  1. Tommy G says:

    Glad to see that your making $ Too bad about TV
    Are you going to Hawaii and if so where are you staying/\ I miss that trip


  2. Anon User says:

    Re the Oreo’s, Whan was able to get it changed over to a years supply of chewing gum for Sophie, who I imagine was dreading the added pounds free oreo’s for a year would bring…

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