Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round One

Betty Bader played as a marker in the first group with Cydney Clanton to even out the pace of play. Motorcycle Jim is on the bag.

I asked Karen Stupples what was the secret in her new, slimmed down physique. It was a regiment of no starchy foods (nothing white) or dairy either. Lost twenty pounds in just five weeks. Incredible!

Caddies have been issued parking passes for today and tomorrow only. If you make the cut, weekend passes are given. The problem is, many of those pros will practice even if they’re no longer in the field and want their looper by their side. Also, if you play in the morning Friday and are on the bubble, it means you have to come back to get your weekend pass. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

One of the ams in my group from yesterday complained of the lack of info and organization concerning their participation. Heard a new company was running the show. That’s not the reputation any event, let alone a Major, should be branded with.

Just before teeing off, Tiffany Joh’s parents gave her a tiny bird cage with four toy birds inside in hopes they would bring her the same on the course. She put in inside her bag and off she went but it was not to be. Four bogies interspersed her card instead and no birdies

The gaffe of the week could go to the pro-am starter on the front side yesterday. As the the contestants walked onto the tee, he mistakenly took a woman in our group as a man. While shaking her hand he queried "George?". ‘No, I’m Dawn." was the reply. To tell you the truth, it was a close call. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This makes me wince just thinking about it.

kolhs staples dicks

Then there was this:

LPGA’s biggest problem is scoring barrier, not language barrier

Yani Tseng, "Never touching the trophy again"

New deals ahead of first LPGA Tour major of the season

It’s been a confounding journey for Michelle Wie

Annika Sorenstam – March 29, 2012

Will Augusta National have its first female member?


2 Responses to Kraft/Nabisco Championship – Round One

  1. rich (arizona) says:

    That article about scoring being the problem sure had some faulty logic in it as the comments pointed out. I always felt that the women’s short games just don’t measure up to the men’s. I see many more men getting up and down from bunkers than I do for women. They also seem to be more consistent putters.

    The problem still involves lack of personality amongst the top players. Unfortunately Tseng is dominant and doesn’t do anything for most people. Except for hard core golfers who appreciate great talent most others have little to no interest in watching Tseng. She might be a great person but she does nothing for me.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Rich…when you say she does ‘nothing’ for you, do you mean from the appearance side…?? if a Gulbis were as dominant a player as Tseng, thousands of non-golfing guys would be watching, that i would grant you…as for Tsengs personality on screen, I find her quite unassuming and genuinely appreciative of the skill she was given…I like her interviews…she seems humble and sincere…

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